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Beginner/Intermediate level
Lady Lace (UK) - March 2006
Hoppípolla - Sigur Rós : (CD: Takk)
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Start on beat 
*Form 2 circles, one on inside facing out, one larger on outside facing in to start. Hold hands for the first 12 counts. 
Side Together To Right X 4 
1-8 Step right to side, step left beside x 4 
Step, Brush, Step, Brush, Step, Hold, ½ Turn, Hold 
1-2 Step right forward, brush left beside 
3-4 Step left forward, brush right beside 
5-6 Step onto right, hold 
7-8 Pivot ½ turn left, hold 
Heel, 2 Claps, Hold, Step, ½ Turn, Step, Hitch & Hop 
1-4 Touch right heel forward, 2 claps, hold 
5-6 Step onto right, pivot ½ turn left 
7-8 Step right forward, hitch left with a hop 
Step ½ Turn, Step Hitch & Hop, Grapevine Right, Touch 
1-4 Step left forward, pivot ½ turn right, step left forward, hitch right & hop 
5-8 Step right to side, step left behind, step right to side, touch left beside 
Grapevine Left, Side, 2 Sailors Left & Right, Behind 
1-4 Step left to side, step right behind, step left to side, touch right beside (or rolling grapevine left) 
5 Step right to side 
6-8 Step left behind, step right to side, step left to side 
1-3 Step right behind, step left to side, step right to side 
4 step left behind.


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