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Advanced - WCS
Linda McCormack (Feb 2013)
You Got It by Lucas Grabeel (iTunes)
Count in: 40 count intro.

[1-8) L Press, recover, ¼ turn sweep, hip roll, L ball cross, ¼ back, back, back, heel swivel ¼ turn.
1,2Press forward on the L (1); recover weight onto the R foot whilst taking a ¼ turn to the left (to face 9pm) sweeping the left foot round to finish stepping to the left side(2);
3, 4Roll the hips from the left round to the right (3,4);
&5, 6Step L foot together with R (&); cross R foot over L (5); turn a ¼ over the right shoulder to the left stepping back on the L foot (to face 12pm) (6);
7&8Step back on R (7); Step back on L (7); Swivel ¼ turn to the left (over the left shoulder) on both heels (back to face 9pm) (8);

[&9-16] Ball change forward, shoulder pops, R coaster step, ¼ step together, cross, side,drag.
&1, &2Small step forward on R foot (&); quickly followed by small step forward on L (weight evenly spread) (1); shoulder pops (pushing R shoulder forward and L back, then alternate) (&2);
3&4R coaster step (3&4);
&5, 6¼ turn to the right stepping L foot to left side (&); step R foot next to left (5); cross step L foot over R (6);
7, 8Large step to the right on the R foot dragging the L foot along (7,8);

[&17- 24] L ball cross, ¼ back-L, R coaster step together (to diagonal), 2 slow side steps.
&1, 2quickly step L foot together with R (&); cross R foot over L (1); ¼ turn to the right stepping back on the L foot (to face 3pm) (2);
3&4&R coaster step (3&4); bring L foot in to meet the R foot turning 1/8th to the left (facing the 1.30pm diagonal) (&);
5, 6, 7, 8Still on the diagonal take 2 slow side steps taking the knees out on the steps out and rolling the body at the same time (5, 6, 7, 8);

[&25- 32] R Ball cross, knee pop, rock-recover, sweep, sweep, back recover, together.
&1, &2step R foot in place together with L foot (&) and cross L over right (still on diagonal) (1); knee pop forward (&2);
3, 4Straightening up to the 3pm wall rock forward on the R (3); recover back onto the L (4);
5, 6step back on the R sweeping the L foot round (with a flexed foot) (5); repeat stepping back on the L (6);
7&8R back rock (7); recover forward onto L (&); and step R foot in place with L (8);

[33- 40] Scoot step L-R, double to the L, slow box step.
1, 2, 3&4Small scoot/ hop on R to the L side (1); repeat small scoot/ hop on L to R side (2); small scoot/ hop on R to L side (double) (3&4);
5, 6, 7, 8Step R out to R diagonal (5); step L out to left diagonal (6); recover R back to original position (7); recover L back to meet (8);

[41- 48&] R mambo cross, L mambo cross, side rocking chairs, finish turning ¼ stepping together.
1&2, 3&4rock R over L (1); recover weight back onto L (&); step R back to right side (2); repeat on L, rock L over R (3); recover weight back onto R (&); step L back to left side (4);
&5, 6quickly step R foot next to L (&); rock L to left side (5); recover weight onto R (6);
&7&8quickly step L foot next to R (&); rock R to right side (7); recover weight back onto L (&); ¼ turn to right (6pm) stepping R foot together next to left (8);

[49- 56] L forward full turn shuffle, R forward coaster, back, R step back slide.
1, 2, 3&4Left forward full turn (1, 2); left shuffle forward (3&4);
5&6&R coaster forward (5&6); step back on L foot (&);
7, 8Large step back on R foot, dragging the L heel back (7, 8);

[&57- 64] L Ball cross, step L to side (all on diagonal) two hip rolls forward, L step together, R cross behind, L forward (turning 1/8th) step forward on R.
&1, 2step L together with R foot (&); cross R foot over left (to face diagonal (6.30pm) (1); step L foot out to left side (still on diagonal axis) (2);
3, 4two hip rolls forward into the L hip (3,4);
5, 6, 7, 8Step L foot together with R (5); cross R foot behind L (6); turning 1/8th step L foot forward (7); step forward on the R (8);

Restart: Wall 2, Restart at end of count 48&, facing 12 o clock,

TAG: Tag is at the end of wall 5, facing 6pm.
Mid-way through wall 5 the beat in the music goes slightly off track, just dance through the wall as normal.
1, 2, 3Step forward on L foot (1); pivot turn over the right shoulder (to face 12pm) (2); step forward on L (3);
&4Quickly step forward on the R foot (&); touch L foot next to right (4);

Contact: lindamccormack@live.com

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