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Michael W. Diven (USA)
She's a Hottie - Toby Keith
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Dance Sequence: Dance the first 40 counts, start the dance again doing just the first 24 counts, change your weight then do the first 16 counts one more time, then add a 4 count hold while you change your weight, then start the dance and do all 40 counts to the end.

Start dance when Toby begins to sing.

Kick-Ball-Touch, Sailor Step, Cross Behind, ¼ Turn, Step, ½ Turn, Step
1&2 Kick right foot forward, step back to center on right, touch left toe to left side
3&4 Step left foot behind right, step right foot to right side, step left foot to left side
5-6 Step right foot behind left foot, step left foot to left side while turning ¼ turn left
7&8 Step forward on right foot, step forward and pivot ½ turn left, step forward on right foot

Funky Walk Forward x2, Funky Walk Backwards x2, Coaster Step, Step ¼ Turn Drag
1-2 Step forward diagonal left, step forward diagonal right
3-4 Step back diagonal left, step back diagonal right
5&6 Step back on left foot, step back on right, step forward on left foot
7-8 Step forward on right foot turning ¼ turn left, drag left foot next to right

Left Hip Bumps, ½ Turn Backward Hip Bumps, Coaster Step, Step, Drag
1&2 Step forward on left foot, bump hips left, right, left
3&4 Turn ½ turn left stepping back on right while bumping hips right, left, right
5&6 Step left foot back, step right next to left, step forward on left
7-8 Step forward on right foot, drag left next to right (DO NOT change weight)

Kick-Ball-Cross, ½ Turn Cross, Side Rock, Recover, Syncopated Vine w/ ¼ Turn
1&2 Kick left foot forward, step left next to right, cross right foot over left foot
3&4 Step back on left foot pivoting ¼ turn right, step right to right side turning ¼ turn right, cross left foot over right
5-6 Rock right foot to right side, recover weight back on left foot
7&8 Step right foot behind left, step left foot to left side while pivoting ¼ turn left, step right foot over forward

Rock, Recover, Locking Shuffle Backwards, Rock, Recover, Step, ½ Turn
1-2 Rock forward on left foot, recover weight on right
3&4 Step back on left foot, cross right foot over left, step back on left
5-6 Rock back on the right foot, recover weight to left foot
7-8 Step forward on right foot, turn ½ turn left



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