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House Of Cards

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Glynn "Applejack" Rodgers, Gary Samms & Stephen Rutter – May 2017
House of Cards – Kezia Gill (amazon & iTunes)
Phrasing: No Tags or Restarts
Intro: 8 Count intro – approx. 4 seconds

[1-8] Forward Rock, Side Rock, Coaster Step, Lock Step Forward, ¼ Pivot, Cross.
1&2&Rock forward right, recover on to left. Rock right to right side, recover on to left.
3&4Step back right, close left to right, step forward right.
5&6Step forward left, lock right behind left, step forward left.
7&8Step forward right, pivot ¼ turn left, cross right over left. (9:00)

[9-16] Hinge ½ Turn. Step, Touch, Step, Kick, Weave Left. Rock ¼ Step.
1&2Turn ¼ right stepping back left, turn ¼ right stepping side right, cross left over right. (3:00)
3&4&Step right slightly to right forward diagonal, touch left behind right. Step left back to place, kick right diagonally forward.
5&6Cross right behind left, step left to left side, cross right over left.
7&8Rock left to left side, recover weight on to right turning ¼ right, step forward left. (6:00)

[17-24] Pivot ½, ½ Turn, Reverse Rocking Chair, Coaster Step, Scuff, Lock Step forward.
1&2Step forward right, pivot ½ turn left. Turn ½ left stepping back right. (6:00) (Easier – Right Mambo Step)
3&4&Rock back left, recover weight on to right. Rock forward left, recover weight on to right.
5&6&Step back left, close right to left, step forward left, scuff right heel forward.
7&8Step forward right, lock left behind right, step forward right.

[25-32] Mambo Forward, Mambo Back, Heel Switches, Hook, Heel.
1&2Rock forward left, recover weight on to right, close left to right.
3&4Rock back right, recover weight on to left, close right to left.
5&6&Dig left heel forward, step left to place. Dig right heel forward, step right to place.
7&8&Dig left heel forward, hitch / hook left in front of right leg, dig left heel forward, close left to right.

[33-40] Monterey ¼ Turn, Touch, Point Out-In-Out-In. Grapevine Right, Cross Rock ¼ Turn.
1&2&Point right to right side, close right to left turning ¼ right. Point left to left side, close left to right. (9:00)
3&4&Point right to right side, touch right beside left. Point right to right side, touch right beside left.
5&6Step right to right side, cross left behind right, step right to right side.
7&8Cross rock left over right, recover weight on to right, turn ¼ left stepping forward left. (6:00)

[41-48] Walk ¾ Turn, Mambo ½ Turn, Side Step, Heel/Toe/Heel Swivels.
1-4: Walk ¾ turn left in a circular motion stepping right-left-right-left. (9:00)
5&6Rock forward right, recover weight on to left, make ½ turn right stepping forward right. (3:00)
7&8&Turn ¼ right stepping side left, Swivel right towards left –heel-toe-heel. (6:00)
(Counts 7&8& are similar to those in Doctor Doctor and Blue Finger Lou)

[49-56] Side Step, Heel/Toe/Heel Swivels, Scissor Step, Diagonal Step Touch x2, Scissor Step.
1&2&Step right to right side, swivel left towards right – heel-toe-heel.
3&4Step left to left side, close right to left, cross left over right.
5&Step right diagonally back, touch left beside right & clap.
6&Step left diagonally back, touch right beside left and clap.
7&8Step right to right side, close left to right, cross right over left.

[57-64] ¾ Box Turn, Left Sailor Step, Modified ¼ Turning Sailor Step.
1&Step left to left side, touch right beside left.
2&Turn ¼ left stepping side right, touch left beside right .(3:00)
3&4Turn ¼ left stepping side left, touch right beside left. (12:00) Turn ¼ left stepping right to right side. (9:00)
5&6Cross left behind right, step right to right side, step left to place.
&7&8Cross right behind left, turn ¼ left stepping left to place. Stomp forward slightly right & left. (6:00)

Start Again – No tags or restarts. Have fun and keep dancing!!!


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