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How 2 Get The Girl

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Laurent Chalon (BEL) - July 2017
Intro: 32 counts

Section 1: Rumba box, rumba box, step back, step back, step fwd, cross behind, ¼ turn side step, touch, side step
1&2RF Right Rumba Box Forward
3&4LF Right Rumba Box Back
5RF Back
&LF Back
6RF Forward
&LF Cross behind RF
7RF ¼ turn left, side step to the right
&LF Touch next to RF
8LF Side step to the left

Section 2: Vaudevilles, full turn, mambo fwd
1RF Cross over LF
&LF To the left
2RF Heel right diagonally forward
&RF Next to LF
3LF Cross over RF
&RF To the right
4LF Heel left diagonally forward
&LF Next to RF
5RF ½ turn to the left, step back
6LF ½ turn to the left, step forward
7&8RF Mambo forward, finish RF back

Section 3: Heel grind step back, heel grind ¼ turn, sailor ¼ turn, Step pivot ½ turn, step lock step, side step
1RF Heel grind, LF step back
2LF heel grind ¼ turn left
3&4LF Sailor ¼ turn left
5&RF Step pivot ½ turn
6&7RF Step lock step
8LF To the left

Section 4: Jazz box ¼ turn, jazz box ¼ turn, shuffle fwd, mambo ½ turn
1&2RF Jazz box ¼ turn right
3&4LF Jazz box ¼ turn left
5&6RF Shuffle forward
7&8LF mambo ½ turn left, finish LF forward

Tag 1 : Mambo fwd, Mambo back, Monterey ½ turn, Monterey ½ turn
End of wall 1 (3h)
1&2RF Mambo forward, finish RF back
3&4LF Mambo back, finish LF forward
5&6&RF Monterey ½ turn right
7&8&RF Monterey ½ turn right

Tag 2 : Mambo fwd, Mambo back with stomp
End of wall 2 (6h)
1&2RF Mambo forward, finish RF back
3&4LF Mambo back, finish with stomp on LF next to RF

Ending : replace sailor ¼ turn on section 3 with sailor ½ turn

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