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How Long Easy
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Phrased Improver
Mitzi Day (June 2018)
How Long by: Charlie Puth
Sequence: AA-BB-CC-D-AA-BB-CC-DD-BB--C bridge C-DD
Note: don' t let the phrasing scare you. There is a lot of repetition and I promise you can teach this in ten minutes.

Phrase A : Every time for the verse. Jump up hold. Jump back hold. Step right forward 1/2 pivot. Step right forward 1/2 pivot. Triple forward 1/2 pivot, triple forward 1/2 pivot. Repeat.
1-2 -3-4Jump forward hold. Jump back hold.
5-6-7-8Step right foot forward and pivot 1/2 over left. Step right foot forward and pivot 1/2 over left.(12:00)

1&2Travel forward right foot ,step ball of left beside it, step right forward.
3-4Step left forward and pivot over right 1/2 turn(6:00)
5&6Travel forward stepping on left foot, then ball of right foot, then step on left foot.
7-8Step forward on right foot and pivot 1/2 over left (12:00)

Now repeat all 16 counts. This is your 32 ct phrase A

Phrase B : 16 cts. dance this every time the lyrics say,"She says,".
Weave R side , behind ,side, front,side touch L, step scuff and turn 1/2. repeat those 8 counts for phrase B.
1-2-3-4Step right to right side, step left behind right foot, step right to right side, step left foot in front of right foot.
5-6-7-8Step right to right side, touch left toe to inside of right foot, step down on left foot, turn 1/2 and scuff right foot leaving weight on left.

Repeat those 8 counts to face front wall. This is your 16 ct B

Phrase C: 16 cts. this is danced every time the lyrics say," How long...." .
V step, rocking chair, step touch kick ball change, step touch kick ball change.
1-2-3-4Step right foot at right diagonal, left foot to left diagonal, step right back to original position,step left back beside it.(12:00)
5-6-7-8Step right foot forward, put weight on left foot without changing position of left foot,step right foot back, put weight on left foot without changing left foot position.(12:00)

1-2-3&4Big step to right,(1)touch left to inside of right foot, (2)kick left foot,(3) put weight on ball of left (&)foot,replace weight to right foot.(12:00)
5-6-7&8Big step to left, touch right to to left instep, kick right foot, place weight on right ball, place weight on left foot.

Repeat these 16 cts. this makes phrase C a 32 ct phrase.

Bridge: when Charlie sings," how long has this been going oooooooonnn" when he is holding that note 2 cts do an additional rocking chair after the other rocking chair. this is on the last C phrase.

Phrase D: the lyrics say," oooooooo" 16 ct. Wizard right, wizard left, 1/4 turn,1/4 turn. repeat.
1-2&Step right foot diagonal, place ball of left foot behind, step on right foot.
3-4&Step left foot diagonal, place ball of right foot behind, step on left foot.
5-6-7-8Step right forward and turn 1/4. Step right forward and turn 1/4.(6:00)

Repeat these 8 cts. this makes phrase D a 16 ct and ends up at front wall.

Thanx for reading this stepsheet. The dance is so very easy and the stepsheet so difficult!!!

Contact: mitziandd@gmail.com

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