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Thomas Blixt-Hansson (October 2017)
DNCE - Kissing Strangers ft. Nicki Minaj
[1 – 9] R stomp side, hold, L close, R side, L rock forward, L shuffle back, R rock back
1 2&3Stomp R to right side(1), hold(2), step L next to R(&), step R to right side(3).
4 5L rock forward(4), recover R (5)
6&7Step L back(6), step R next to L(&), step L back(7)
8 1Rock R back(8), Recover L(1)

[10 – 16] Scuff, Extended shuffle, point forward, side, flick behind
2R scuff(2).
3&4&5step R forward(3), step L next to R(&), step R forward(4), step L next to R(&), step R forward(5)
6 7 8L point forward,(6) L point side(7), L flick behind(8)

[17 – 24] L stomp side, hold, R close, L side, R rock forward, L coaster, L step
1 2&3Stomp L to left side(1), hold(2), step R next to L(&), step L to Left side(3)
4 5rock R forward(4), recover L (5)
6&7, step R back(6), step L next to R(&), step Rforward (7)
8step L forward(8)*
*Restart wall 10, turn 1/4 left on the left foot and restart with R stomp side.

[25 – 32] 1/4 turn, L step forward, Point R, point L, walk 2 steps, full turn
1 2pivot 1/4 right weight ends on R(1), L step forward(2)
3&4&5Point R side(3), close R(&), point L side(4), close L(&), R step forward(5).
6 7 8L step forward(6), turn 1/2 left and step R back(7), turn 1/2 left and step L forward(8)
(Easier option count 7,8. Walk R, L)

Restart wall 10 after count 24, turn 1/4 left and restart with R stomp side.



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