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Hurt Me So

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Scott Blevins (USA) - October 2011
Hurt Me So (Lack of Afro Mix) - The Diplomats of Solid Sound : (Album: The Diplomats of Solid Sound Featuring The Diplomettes, single or album)
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32 count intro. Start dancing around 21 seconds in.

[1 – 8]
1,21) Press R to right side and slight forward diagonal; 2) Recover weight to L
3&43) Step R behind L; &) Step side L; 4) Step R across L
&5,6,7&) Turn ¼ right stepping back L [3:00]; 5) Step R together; 6) Step forward L; 7) Step forward R
&8&&) Turn ¼ right stepping side L [6:00]; 8) Turn ½ right stepping side R [12:00]; &) Step L across R

1,2,3,41) Step side R; 2) Step ball of L across R; 3) “Unwind” ½* right, stepping side R [6:00]; 4) Step L across R
*Option for count 3: Unwind 1½ turns right on ball of R to end at 6:00 wall
5&6“C” Bump: 5) Push up on ball of R foot with straight leg and bump R hip to side and “up” (top of “C” curve); &) Change weight to L releasing pressure from ball of R foot (middle of “C” curve); 6) Bend knees slightly and push R hip to side (bottom of “C” curve) to “sit” over R leg
7&8&7) Turn ¼ left stepping forward L [3:00]; &) Step forward R; 8) Pivot ½ left taking weight forward on L [9:00]; &) Turn ¼ left stepping side R [6:00]

1,21) Step L across R and “torque” (twist) upper body to left [feet 6:00, upper body 4:00]; 2) Turn ¼ right stepping forward R [9:00]
3&43) Step forward L; &) Pivot ½ right taking weight forward on R [3:00]; 4) Step forward L
&5&) Pushing off ball of L, start sliding R foot into a large step forward; 5) Finish slide step forward taking weight on R as you bring L foot next to R and “pop” L knee forward
&6&) Pushing off ball of R, start sliding L foot into a large step forward; 5) Finish slide step forward taking weight on L as you bring R foot next to L and “pop” R knee forward
7,8&7) Step forward R; 8) Rock forward L; &) Recover weight back on R

11) Step back L
2,3,42) Turn ¼ right stepping a large step side R bouncing down slightly [6:00]; 3) Step L a large step across R bouncing down slightly; 4) Turn ¼ right stepping a large step forward R bouncing down slightly [9:00]
5,6,75) Step forward L; 6) Pivot ½ right taking weight forward R [3:00]; 7) Step forward L
8&a8) Turn ¼ left stepping back R [12:00]; &) Turn ½ left stepping forward L [6:00]; a) Turn ¼ left [3:00]
(ready to step into count 1 at the top of the dance with the “press” at your new wall)

Begin Again and Enjoy!

Copyright © 2011 Scott Blevins ( All rights reserved
Internet Video Rights assigned to Edie Driskill (


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