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Hurt Somebody

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Ryan King (UK) - March 2018
Hurt Somebody - Noah Kahan & Julia Michaels
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TAGS: 2 easy Tags end of walls 1 and 4.

Intro: 33 seconds, does have quite a long intro, so do feel free to go peg out some washing, make a cuppa and watch seasons 1 – 7 of Game of Thrones.

Just as a note, there’s not much of a beat for the first wall, but it kicks in on wall 2.

R Rock Recover 1/4 Cross & Heel & Cross Side Behind Side Cross
1 2Rock forward R, recover back onto L.
&3 &4Step 1/4 R, step L over R, step R to R side, put L heel to L diagonal. (3 o’clock)
& 5 6Step onto L, cross R over L, step L to L side.
7 & 8Step R behind L, step L to L side, step R over L.

L Rock Recover 1/4, L Shuffle, Full Turn Stepping R L, R Mambo Step Back
1 2Rock L to L side, recover making 1/4 R. (6 o’clock)
3 & 4Step L forward, step R next to L, step L forward.
5 6Make a full turn over L shoulder stepping R, L.
7 & 8Rock forward on R, recover on L, step back R.

L Rock Back & R Rock Recover, Walk Back R L R Coaster Cross
1 2L rock back, recover onto R.
& 3 4Step L next to R, rock forward R, recover onto L.
5 6Walk back R, L.
7 & 8Step back R, step L next to R, cross R over L.

L Side Hold & L Side Rock Recover, Cross 1/4 R, L Coaster
1 2Step L to L side, hold.
& 3 4Step R next to L, rock L to L side, recover onto R.
5 6Cross L over R, step back 1/4 R. (3 o’clock)
7 & 8Step back L, step R next to L, step forward L.

Tags at the end of wall 1 and 4, dance to the end then:

R Rocking Chair, 2 x Pivot 1/2 Turns
1 2Rock forward R, recover onto L
3 4Rock back R, recover onto L.
5 6Step forward R, pivot 1/2 L.
7 8Step forward R, pivot 1/2 L.

Just another note: This is nothing to do with the dance, just wonder if people would actually read it, and here you are, still reading. Why you still reading this? Go dance!


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