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Hypnotized Cha
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Intermediate Cha Cha
Simon Ward, Australia, April 2019
Look What God Gave Her, By Thomas Rhett. Album: Center Point Road - iTunes, Amazon & Google Music - 2.48sec
Notes: Restart after count 32 on Wall 5 facing the back wall (See notes)

[1-9] L side, Rock R back at 1.30, Recover L, R lock/step fwd, L fwd & pivot ½ R, L lock/step fwd
1-3Step left to left side, Rock/step right back turning to 1.30, Recover weight onto left
4&5Step right forward, Lock/step left behind right, Step right forward 1.30
6-7Step left forward, Pivot ½ turn right taking weight onto right 7.30
8&1Step left forward, Lock/step right behind left, Step left forward 7.30

[10-16] Cross/step R, L side, Weave L, ¾ turn L, Kick R fwd, R back, Touch L fwd with R finger snap
2-3Cross/step right over left turning to 9.00, Step left to left side 9.00
4&Step right behind left, Step left to left side 9.00
5-6Cross/step right over left & unwind ¾ turn left on ball of right foot, Take weight onto left on completion of ¾ turn left 12.00
7&8Kick right foot forward, Step right slightly back, Touch left toe forward bending knee snapping right fingers down beside body (pull right shoulder back and look down to right hand on snap)

[17-25] L fwd turning ¼ R, Cross/rock R, Recover L, Chasse R to 4.30, L fwd, Pivot ½ R, L lock/step fwd
1-3Take weight onto left & turn ¼ turn right to 3.00, Cross/rock right over left, Recover weight back onto left
4&5Step right to right side, Step left beside right, Step right to right side turning 1/8 turn right to 4.30
6-7Step left forward to 4.30, Pivot ½ turn right taking weight onto right to 10.30
8&1Step left forward, Lock/step right behind left, Step left forward 10.30

[26-32] R fwd, L mambo, Hold, Step back R,L, ½ turn R stepping R,L
2Step right slightly forward 10.30
3&4Rock/step left forward, Recover weight back on right, Big step back on left & drag right 10.30
5Hold dragging right to left 10.30
&6Step right slightly back, Step left slightly back 10.30
7-8Turn ½ turn right & step right forward, Step left slightly forward 4.30
**RESTART on Wall 5** (See notes below)

[33-41] R fwd, Point L & bump hips, L beside R, Point R & bump hips, ¾ turn R stepping R,L,R, Cross L chasse
1-2Step right slightly forward to 4.30, Point left toe to 3.00 and bump hips forward
3-4Step left beside right turning to 6.00, Turn & touch right toe to 9.00 and bump hips forward
5-7Step onto right at 9.00, Make a ½ turn right & step left foot back, Make a further ¼ right & step right to right side
8&1Cross/step left over right, Step right to right side, Cross/step left over right

[42-48] Rock/step R to R, Recover on L, Weave L, Hold, Step L, Cross/step R, Step L, Cross/step R
2-3Rock/step right to right side, Recover weight onto left foot
4&5Step right behind left, Step left to left side. Cross/step ball of right foot over left
&7&8Step left to left, Cross/step ball of right foot over left, Step left to left, Cross/step right over left

Restart Notes: On Wall 5 after count 31 modify steps by doing the following to restart dance:
32&Step left to left side, Step right beside left (this happens facing the back wall)

Contact: bellychops@hotmail.com
Last Update - 17 April 2019
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