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I Believe, I Believe, I Believe

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Novice WCS.
Frida Axelsson
R Kelly – I believe
Start facing 3.00, intro in 16 counts

Side, cross, side, ¼ turn, triple step, walk, walk, full turn, step fwd
1&2Step RF side right, cross LF in front of RF, step RF side right
3&4Turn ¼ left, step in place LF-RF-LF
5-6Step RF fwd, step LF fwd
7&8Turn ½ left, step RF back, turn ½ left, step LF fwd, step RF fwd

Step back, 1 ¾ turn, sailor step, sailor step, turn ¼
1-2Step LF back, step RF back, turn ¼ right
3&4Turn ½ right, step LF in place, turn ½ right, step RF in place, turn ½ right, step LF in place
5&6Right sailorstep
7&8Left sailorstep, turn ¼ left

Walk, walk & point, heel bounces, swivel steps
1-2Step fwd RF-LF
&3-4Step RF fwd, point LF sideleft, bounce L heel
5-6Bounce L heel, Step LF down
7&8Swivel toes in, swivel heels in, swivel feet together

Kick & point & step, sweep, turn ½, side, back, side, cross, side
1&2&Kick RF fwd, step RF in place, point LF side left, step LF in place
3-4Step RF fwd, sweep LF back to front turning ½ right, cross LF in front of RF
5-6&Step RF side right, cross LF behind, step RF side right
7-8Cross LF over RF, step RF side right

Sway, sway, sailor step ¼ turn, walk, walk, sugar push
1-2Sway left, sway right
3&4Sailor step, turn ¼ left
5-6Step RF fwd, step LF fwd
7&8Rock RF fwd, recover, step RF back

Triple step, hip bump with turn, hip bump with turn, full turn
1&2Step in place LF-RF-LF
3-4Bump R hip fwd, step RF fwd, turn ½ left
5-6Turn ½ left, bump L hip fwd, step LF fwd
7-8Full turn left on LF, touch R toes sideright


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