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I Can't Imagine

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Carol Cotherman (USA) - July 2014
Keep Them Kisses Comin' - Craig Campbell : (Album: Never Regret)
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16-Count intro.

Kick, Coaster Step, Step, Step, Swivel, Swivel, ¼ Swivel Turn, Kick
1-2&3Kick right forward, step right back, step left beside right, step right forward
4-5Step left forward, step right forward with weight equally distributed on both feet
6&7-8Swivel heels right, swivel heels left, swivel heels right turning ¼ left taking weight to right, kick left forward (9:00)

Step Back, ½ Triple Turn, Step ½, Mambo Step, Touch
1-2&3Step left back, 1/4 turn right stepping right to side, step left beside right, ¼ turn right stepping right forward
4-5Step left forward, ½ turn right taking weight to right
6&7-8Rock left forward, recover to right, step left beside right, touch right toe by left instep (9:00)

Side, Touch, Kickball Cross, Side, Touch, Kickball Step
1-2Step right to side, touch left beside right
3&4Kick left forward, step ball of left in place, cross right over left
5-6Step left to side, touch right beside left
7&8Kick right forward, step ball of right in place, step left forward

Rock, Recover, ½ Triple Turn, ½ Triple Turn, Rock, Recover
1-2Rock right forward, recover to left
3&4¼ Turn right stepping right to side, step left beside right, ¼ turn right stepping right forward
5&6¼ Turn right stepping left to side, step right beside left, ¼ turn right stepping left back
7-8Rock right back, recover to left (9:00)


Restarts: Walls 4 & 7: Dance 16 counts and restart.

Ending (To end facing 12:00): You will start at 6:00 for Wall 11 and only dance the first 8 counts. Change ¼ swivel to a ½ swivel turn.



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