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I Can't Sleep

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Easy Intermediate
Amy Christian (USA)
Insomnia - Craig David
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Intro: 32 Count,

½ R Sailor, Step, Touch, ¼ Turn Slides X 4
1&2 Sweep & step R foot behind L foot, turning R & facing 4 o’clock(1), Step L foot to L side (6 o’clock)(&), Step R to R side(6 o’clock)(2),
3-4 Step L foot fwd, Touch R foot next L foot,
5-6.1 ¼ Turn left, Step R foot to R side, ¼ Turn left, Step L foot to L side,
7-8.1 ¼ Turn left, Step R foot to R side, ¼ Turn left, Step L foot to L side,(6 o’clock),
(Counts 5-8 should be done in Sliding Motion)

Cross Rock, Cross Rock, Pivot ¼, Cross Shuffle,
1&2 Step R foot across L foot, Recover on L foot, Step R foot to R side,
3&4 Step L foot across R foot, Recover on R foot, Step L foot to L side,
5-6.1 Step fwd on R foot, Pivot a ¼ turn left on L foot, (3 o’clock)
7&8 Cross R foot over L foot, Step L foot slightly to L side, Cross R foot over L foot,

Touch Side, Kick, Together, Out, Look R, Twist ¼, Lean Fwd, Lean Further, Straighten,
1-2& Touch L foot to L side, kick L foot forward, Step L foot next to R foot(&),
3-4 Step R foot to right side(moving to right)(3), Turn head sharply right(4),
5 Twisting on both feet, ¼ Turn right(6 o’clock),
5-6.1 Lean upper body forward, keeping back straight, Looking forward,
7-8 Lean upper body further forward(7), Straighten up(8),
(For counts 4-8 – should have the “stiff” feel, like a Mannequin or Robot)

R Coaster, Fwd Shuffle, ¼ R Sailor, ¼ L Sailor,
1&2 R Coaster Step,
3&4 Shuffle fwd L,R,L,
5&6 ¼ Turn right with a R Sailor step, (9 o’clock)
7&8 ¼ Turn left with a L Sailor step, (6 o’clock)
(Easy option – for counts 5&6 and 7&8 – Do Sailor steps without turns)
Start again!

The Finish - The last wall will bring you to the front wall, as music fades, just add,
Cross, Ball, Cross, Ball, Cross, Ball, Cross, Making A Full Turn.
1& ¼ turn R, crossing R foot over left(1), Step on Ball of L foot behind R foot, slightly to L side, making ¼ turns(&),
2&3&4 Repeat the above steps, till you face the front wall.
Or just add a R Sailor without a turn.




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