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I Changed Completely Ez

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Nancy Lee ~ Malaysia (May 2017)
Completely by Caro Emerald
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Intro: 32 Count - ( No Tags , No Restarts )

Section 1: [1-8] Step R , Kick L Over R, Step L , Kick R Over L, Cross Step R Over L, ¼ Turn R, Step L Back, Chasse R (3:00)
1-4Step R To R , Kick L Over R , Step L To L ,Kick R Over L
5-6Cross Step R over L (5), ¼ Turn R , Step L Back (6) (3:00)
7&8Step R to side, close L next to R (&), step R to side

Section 2: [9-16] Stalking Walks L,R,L,R ( 3:00)
1-2L Point Fwd, Step down L
3-4R Point Fwd , Step down R
5-6L Point Fwd, Step down L
7-8R Point Fwd , Step down R
( Note : Movements are travelling forward, body slightly lean backward )

Section 3: [17-24] L Rock Forward, Recover R ,1/2 turn L , Chasse L Forward , R Rocking Chair (9:00)
1-2L Fwd Rock, Recover L
3&4½ turn L , Step L fwd, Close R next to L (&), Step L fwd (9:00)
5-8Rock R fwd, Recover L, Rock R back, Recover L

Section 4: [25-32] R Back Ball-Change x 2 , Charleston Step ( 9:00)
1&2Kick R Behind , Step of ball of R behind L( raise L foot ), Step on L in place
3&4Repeat 1&2
5-8Step R Forward, Kick L Forward, Step L Back, Touch R toe back

Hope you enjoy the dance !!!

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Molly Yeoh May 15, 2017
Nice for my beginners!

senipadu May 16, 2017
Hello Molly,
Yeah ... happy happy !
Thanks dear !

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