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I Do

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Low Intermediate
Amy Glass (USA) - March 2015
I Do - Colbie Caillat : (iTunes)
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Dance starts on lyrics; 24 count intro. Three simple Restarts and 1 tag (walls 2, 5, 7, 11).

[1-8] Back Touch x2, Side Together ¼ R, Brush
1-2Step back on R, Touch L next to R (styling: step toward diagonal opening body up to corner)
3-4Step back on L, Touch R next to L (styling: step toward diagonal opening body up to corner)
5-6Step R to R side, L next to R
7-8Turn ¼ R stepping forward R, Brush the ball of the L foot next to R (3:00)

[9-16] L Rocking Chair, Step Pivot ½ R Step, Touch
1-2-3-4Rock forward L, Recover R, Rock back L, Recover R
5-6-7Step forward L, Pivot ½ R, Step forward L (9:00)
8Touch R next to L

[17-24] Side R, Hold, Ball Step, Scuff, L Jazz Box
1-2Step R to R side, Hold
&3-4Step on ball of L foot, Step R to R side, Scuff L foot in front of R
5-6Cross L over R, Step Back on R
7-8Step L to L side, Cross R over L

[25-32] Weave L, Side Rock Cross, Hold
1-2Step L to L side, Cross R behind L
3-4Step L to L side, Cross R over L
5-6Rock L to L side, Recover weight on R
7-8Cross L over R, Hold

Please don’t be intimidated by the Restarts. The music is very obvious where the restarts will occur.

Restart 1: Wall 2. Start the dance facing 9:00. Dance the first 16 counts and then hold for 2 counts. Restart facing 6:00.

Restart 2: Wall 5. Start the dance facing 12:00. Dance the 23 counts as scripted. Instead of stepping on the right foot for count 24, touch the right foot next to left, and Restart the dance facing 9:00.

Restart 3. Wall 7. Start the dance facing 6:00. Dance the first 16 counts and Restart facing 3:00.

Tag (8 counts): Following wall 10. You’ll be facing the 6:00 wall. You’ll make ¼ R and start wall 11 facing 9:00.
1-2Step side R, Touch L next to R
3-4Step side L, Touch R next to L
5-6Turn ¼ R (9:00) while stepping R to R side, Touch L next to R
7-8Step side L, touch R next to L

Ending: Wall 13. You will begin facing 3:00. Dance the first 24 counts and you’ll be facing the 12:00 wall for count 25, which is a step to the left and ends the dance.



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