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I Don't Dance

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Neville Fitzgerald (UK) & Julie Harris (UK) - August 2018
I Don't Dance (Without You) - Matoma & Enrique Iglesias (iTunes)
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Starts on Vocal (16 Counts)

Walk, Walk, Sailor 1/2, Step, 1/2, Run, Run, Run 3/4.
1-2Walk forward Left-Right.
3&4Make 1/4 turn Left cross stepping Left behind Right, 1/4 Left stepping Right next to Left, step forward on Left. (6:00)
5-6Step forward on Right, make 1/2 turn Right stepping back on Left. (12:00)
7&8 3/4 rounded turn to Right running Right-Left-Right. (9:00)

Rock Step, Coaster Cross, & Together, Cross, 1/4 Lock Back.
1-2Rock forward on Left, recover on Right.
3&4Step back on Left, step Right next to Left, cross step Left over Right.
&5-6Step Right to Right side, step Left next to Right, cross step Right over Left. (Slight diagonal looking towards 7.30 and push bottom out to side as you step together)
7&8Make 1/4 turn to Right stepping back on Left, lock Right over Left, step back on Left. (12:00)

Back, Back, 1/4 Point, 1/4, 1/2, Sailor 1/4, Point.
1-2Step back on Right sweeping Left, step back Left sweeping Right.
&3Make 1/4 turn to Right stepping Right to Right side, point Left to Left side. (3:00)
4-5Make 1/4 turn to Left stepping forward Left, 1/2 turn Left stepping back on Right. (6:00)
6&7Make 1/4 turn to Left cross stepping Left behind Right, step Right next to Left, cross step Left over Right. (3:00)
8Point Right to Right side.

1/2, Right Lock Step, Rock Step, Back, 1/2, 1/4 Sweep.
1Make 1/2 turn to Right keeping Left in place bringing Right toe slightly hooked across Left touching floor. (9:00)
2&3Step forward on Right, lock Left behind Right, step forward on Right.
4-5Rock forward on Left, recover Right.
6-7Step back on Left, make 1/2 turn to Right stepping forward Right. (3:00)
81/4 turn to Right sweeping Left to touch next to Right. (6:00)

Tag: Danced At End Of Wall 2 & Wall 4.. (Danced Slower Than Main Dance)
Step, Sweep, Cross, Side, Behind, Sweep, Behind, 1/4.
1-2Step forward Left, sweep Right from back to front.
3-4Cross step Right over Left, step Left to Left side.
5-6Cross step Right behind Left, sweep Left from front to back.
7-8Cross step Left behind Right, make 1/4 turn to Right stepping forward Right. (3:00)

Step, 1/2, 1/4, Drag, Rock, Recover, Side, Drag.
1-2Step forward on Left, pivot 1/2 turn to Right. (9:00)
3-41/4 to Right stepping Left to Left side, drag Right towards Left. (12:00)
5-6Cross rock Right behind Left, recover on Left.
7-8Step Right to Right side, drag Left towards Right.

Last Update - 9th Aug. 2018


dancer33 August 8, 2018
You two are on fire ..... Loved "delicate " then "looking for a saviour" now better get a shimmy on and learn this xx

Dancer2310 August 12, 2018
Loving the look of this, great to have dances that are suitable for the majority of dancers! ...thanks Neville and Julie xx

ROSIE August 13, 2018
loving this dance,JULIE.NEVILLE X

bbeerrtthhaa August 15, 2018
I like!!

Cakes March 19, 2019
Love the music & steps.

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