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I Don't Want This Night To End

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Jenergy (USA) - December 2011
I Don't Want This Night to End - Luke Bryan
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Sway right-left, Scissor step, 1/4 turn - 1/2 turn right, Mambo left
1-2Sway weight to right then left
3&4Scissor step - step weight out to right, bring left to right, cross right over left
5-6Step left back turning 1/4 right (facing 3 o'clock), Step forward right turning 1/2 right (facing 9 o'clock)
7&8Mambo left - step left forward, recover weight on right, step left foot back to right

Rock-recover, Push turn 1/4 left, Rock-recover, Cross & Cross left over right
1-2Rock back right, recover with left in place
3&4(3) Step right foot forward pushing (&) turn 1/4 left facing 6 o'clock with weight on left (4) cross right over left
5-6Rock out left to left, recover right
7-8Cross left over right, bring left to right, cross left over right
* RESTART HERE 2nd wall, 6th wall facing 12 o'clock both times

Rock-recover, quick weave left, Step-slide, Right coaster
1-2Rock right out to right , recover left
3&4Step right behind left, step left out to left, cross right in front of left
5-6Step left, slide right foot in to left (taping it, DO NOT put weight down on right)
7&8Coaster Right - step back on right, bring left back to right, step forward right

Rock-recover forward left, Left Shuffle back, Rock-recover back right, step right
1-2Rock forward left, recover right
3&4Shuffle back left, together with the right, back left
5-6Rock back right, recover left
7-8Step right foot out to right side, cross left over right



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