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I Don't Want To Be Alone Tonight

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Georgie Mygrant (USA) - August 2021
Dancing with a Stranger - Sam Smith & Normani : (Bonus Track)
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Intro: 16 *1 Tag at the end of wall 3 for 16 counts

Cross Point, Jazz Box Turning to the R
1-4Step fwd. R, point L to L side, step L fwd. point R to R side
5-8Cross R over L, step back on L turning ¼ R, step on R, step on L

Cross Point Back, Vine R turning ¼ R
1-4Step R back, point L to L side, step back on L, point R to R side
5-8Step R, L behind R, step R turning ¼ R, step L

Walk Back R/L/R/L, Step R Wide, Step L Wide
1-4Step back R,L,R,L,
5-8Step Wide to R, touch L to R, step wide L, touch R to L

Paddle ½ to L, Jazz Box to R
1-4Step R fwd. weight on L turning ¼ L, step R fwd. weight on L turning ¼ to L
5-8Step R over L, step back on L turning ¼ R, step on R, step on L

*Tag: End of Wall 3
Scissors, R/L, Toe Heel R/L, Rocking Chair
1-4Step to R, step on L, R over L and hold, step L, step on R, L over R and hold
5-8R Toe/Heel, L Toe/Heel, Step R fwd. rock back on L, rock back on R, return to fwd. L

That's it! Enjoy! Hope you like it!

All my routines are based on AB or beginner dancers. No turning vines or spins, no tripping steps, just easy going moves. Routines that anybody can do. I feel that some of the beginner routines would scare some of the new dancers off. This way, they can work into the routines easy and understand them better. Some of mine are a little fast, but should be easy for beginners once they feel comfortable with the steps. Georgie


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