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I Feel Good

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Terry Daily (USA) - February 2016
Alternative NON-COUNTRY MUSIC: Cake by the Ocean by DNCE (Clean version found on Amazon)
Dance goes well to a lot of different songs. Don’t be afraid to try it out!

[1-8] Out, Out, Lock backwards, ½ Turn Shuffle, ¼ Turn
1-2Step Out to R side with R foot, Step out L with L with L foot to L side
3&4Lock step Back RLR by stepping back R lock L over R step back R
5&6½ Turning shuffle over L shoulder LRL (6:00)
7-8¼ turn over L shoulder by stepping fwd R do a ¼ turn L and take weight on L (3:00)

[9-16] Cross and Point X 2, Sailor, ½ Sailor
1-2Cross R over L and step down R, Point L toe to L Side
3-4Cross L over R and step down L, Point R toe to R side
5&6Sweep R behind L and step down, step down L, step down R slightly to R side
7&8Sweep L foot around to make ½ turn (9:00) and step down, step down R, step L slightly to L side.

[17-24] Cross Rock Turning Shuffle X 2
1-2Cross R over L and recover (You will be at about 8:00)
3&4Think it as a ½ turn shuffle over your R shoulder RLR. (You will on the (3:00) wall but at a angle.(1:00 ish)
5-6Rock fwd at a slight angle with L and recover R
7&8½ Turn shuffle over L (almost ½ turn) LRL to get back to (9:00) wall (straightened up )

[25-32] Step Fwd Kick, Coaster, 2 Sways, Behind Step Fwd
1-2Step fwd R , Kick L fwd.
3&4Coaster Back by stepping back L, step together with R, Step fwd L
5-6Sway to R side and sway back to L side
7&8Step R behind L foot, step out to side with L and step fwd R

[33-40] Kick Fwd and Side, ¼ Coaster, Ball Step, Step, Shuffle Fwd
1-2Kick L Fwd, Kick L to L side
3&4¼ turn L Coaster by stepping L back with the ¼ turn, stepping together R, step Fwd L
& 5,6Stepping on ball of R (&) Step L Fwd, Step R Fwd
7&8Shuffle Fwd LRL ( you can substitute a full turn here)

[40-48] ½ Turn, ½ Turn Lock step, Out, Out, Shuffle Fwd
1-2Step Fwd R, ½ Turn over L Shoulder
3&4 1/2 Turn Locking step back RLR, over L shoulder ( you can also think it as a ½ turn shuffle)
5-6Step out and fwd a little with L, step out and just slightly back with R
7&8Shuffle Fwd LRL

End Of Dance

*1 Small Tag And Restart - 3rd wall
Dance the first 6 counts then instead of ¼ turn, do a ½ turn. Then Restart the dance.
You will hear a drop in the music and then they say… “Aw. Excuse me, can someone bring the beat back?”


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