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I Got A Woman

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Michael Desire (FR) - May 2017
I Got A Woman by Rudedog feat Ray Charles
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Start after 36 counts intro

[1.8] Charleston steps
1.2Touch R forward, step right back
3.4Touch L backward, step L forward
5.6Touch R forward, step right back
7.8Touch L backward, step L forward
For more style you can make swivels during charleston step

[9.16] Side Together, Shuffle ,Side Together, Shuffle
1.2Step R forward (1.30)(body front 10.30), step L beside R
3 & 4Step R forward (1.30) step L beside R, Step R forward (body front 10.30),
5.6Step L diagonaly forward, (11.30) close R beside L (body front 1.30)
7 & 8Step L diagonaly forward (10.30), close R beside L, step L diagonaly forward (body front 1.30)
For more style you can bend your knees, and on count 8 you can jump with a kick)

[17.24] Cross, Back, Side, Cross, Back, Side, Cross, 1/4 turn L Step
1.2Squaring to 12.00 cross R over L, step L back
3.4Step R to R side, cross L over R
5.6Step R back, step L to L side
7.8Cross R over L, 1/4 turn & step L forward (9.00)

[25.32] Kick Kick Coaster, Kick Kick Coaster
1.2Kick R forward, Kick R to R side
3 & 4Step R back, step L beside R, step R forward
5.6Kick L forward, kick L to L side
7 & 8Step L back, step R beside L, step L forward

Repeat again and have fun



Sassy Stepper May 15, 2017
Great little dance! Will be teaching this soon. Thanks a bunch.

Erin Welsh December 13, 2017
A new favorite! Taught this recently and our class LOVED it.

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