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I Might Be All Wrong

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Lena Swahn (SWE) - August 2019
Storm - Victor Crone
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#32 counts intro - No Tags, No Restarts

S1: Side, Behind, Kick Ball Cross, Side, Behind, Kick Ball Cross.
1 - 2Step RF to R, Step LF behind RF (12:00)
3&4Kick RF to R diagonal, Step RF on ball next to LF , Cross LF over RF
5 - 6Step RF to R, Step LF behind RF
7&8Kick RF to R diagonal, Step RF on ball next to LF, Cross LF over RF

S2: Rock, ¼ Turn, Shuffle, ½ Turn, ½ Turn, Fwd Together Back.
1 - 2Rock RF to R side, Recover with ¼ Turn L (9:00)
3&4Step fwd on RF, Step LF next to RF, Step fwd on RF
5 - 6½ Turn R Stepping back on LF, ½ Turn R Stepping fwd on RF
7&8Step LF forward, Step RF beside LF, Step back on LF

S3: Back with sweeps, Behind, Side, Cross Shuffle.
1 - 2Step RF back, Sweep with LF from front to back
3 - 4Step LF back, Sweep with RF from front to back
6 - 7Cross RF behind LF, Step LF to L side
7&8Cross RF over LF, Step LF next to RF, Cross RF over LF

S4: Cross with ¼ Turn, Point, Cross, Point, Cross, Back, Side, Touch.
1 - 2Turn ¼ L with LF crossing over RF, Point RF to R side (6:00)
3 - 4Cross RF over LF, Point LF to L side
5 - 6Cross LF over RF, Step back on RF
7 - 8Step LF to L side, Touch RF beside LF

Ending: On Wall 11 in S4 on count 5 do a slow unwind right.


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