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I Saw The Sign

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High Beginner
Claudio Dacumos (USA) - September 2014
The Sign - Ace of Base : (iTunes)
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(Step Sheet written by Cathy Dacumos)

Intro: 52 counts - Starts with weight on left foot - 2 Tags, one Restart

Section 1: Step, lock, step-lock-step, right then left
1-2Step right foot forward at slight right diagonal, step left foot behind right heel (lock)
3&4Step right foot forward, lock left behind, step right forward (still on the right diagonal)
5-6Step left foot forward on left diagonal, step right foot behind left heel (lock)
7&8Step left foot forward, lock right behind, step left forward (still on left diagonal)

Section 2: Jazz box, point cross x 2
1-2Step right foot across in front of left, step back on left foot
3-4Step right foot to right side, step left foot together next to right
5-6Point right foot to right side, step right foot forward across left to left diagonal
7-8Point left foot to left side, step left foot forward across right foot to right diagonal
Restart here during wall 3: you will be facing 6 o’clock

Section 3: Side-point switches, partial ¼ Monterey turn, forward rock-recover, left coaster step
1&2&Point right foot to right side, step right foot next to left, point left foot to left side, step left next to right
3-4Point right foot to right side, make ¼ right turn, bringing right foot in next to left, and shifting weight to right foot
5-6Rock forward onto left foot, recover back onto right foot
7&8Step back on left foot, bring right foot back next to left, step forward on left foot

Section 4: Shuffle forward, ½ pivot turn, shuffle forward, ½ pivot turn
1&2Step forward on right foot, step left foot together next to right, step right foot forward
3-4Step forward on left foot, make a ½ turn right, changing weight onto right foot
5&6Step forward on left foot, step right foot together next to left, step forward on left foot
7-8Step forward on right foot, make a ½ turn left, changing weight to left foot

TAG: Right rocking chair
1-2Rock forward onto the right foot, return back onto the left foot
3-4Rock back onto the right foot, recover forward onto the left foot
Tag is done twice, at the end of wall 2 facing 6 o’clock, and the end of wall 5 facing 12 o’clock

Ending: At the end of wall 8, which starts at 6 o’clock, replace the last 2 counts (step, ½ pivot) with a step ¼ pivot to the front and then step forward or across with the right foot on the last beat.

Contact - Cathy & Claudio Dacumos:


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