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I Wanna Go
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Lisen Brixvi (Sweden) July 2019
"Go" - Cody Fry (3.16)
The winning over all Country dance from WDM 19

Intro: 16 count intro (just after he sing “I wanna go”)

[1-8] Side Rock, Behind, Side, Cross, ¼ Turn L, ½ Turn L, Sailor ¼ Turn L
1-2Rock R to R, recover weight to L 12.00
3&4Cross R behind L, step L to side, cross R over L
5-6Turn ¼ L and step L fwd, turn ½ L and step R back 3.00
7&8Turn ¼ L as you step left behind R, step R next to L, cross L over R - 12.00

[9-17] Ball, cross, ¼ turn R, Step, ¼ turn R, cross, Dorothy step, step ⅛ L, Rock step, back, drag
&1-2Step on ball of R to R side, cross L over R, turn ¼ R and step R fwd 3.00
3&4Step L fwd, pivot turn ¼ R putting weight on R, cross L over R 6.00
5-6&Step R diagonally fwd, lock L behind R, step R diagonally fwd
7Step L on L diagonal turning body ⅛ L 4.30
8&1Rock R fwd, recover weight to L, step R back dragging L heel towards R 4:30

[18-24] Coaster Step, Ball step, Syncopated Rocking Chair, Shuffle Fwd
2&3Step L back, step R next to L, step L fwd
&4Step ball of R next to L, step L fwd 4.30
5&6&Rock R fwd, recover weight to L, Rock R back, recover weight to L
7&8Step R fwd, step L next to R, step R fwd
[25-32] ⅛ Turn R, Jump Out, Out, Hold, Ball, Cross, Hold, Turn ¼ R, Back Rock, Full Turn L
&1-2Turn ⅛ R and jump out with L to L, jump out with R to R, hold 6.00
Styling option- When you jump out, out, rise up on your toes
&3-4Step ball of L next to R, cross R over L, hold
&5-6Turn ¼ R and step L back, rock R back, recover weight to L 9.00
Styling option- when you rock back, turn upper body and look over right shoulder
7-8Turn ½ L and step R back, turn ½ L and step L fwd - 9.00

[33- 40] ¼ Turn L, Side Rock, Ball Step, Side Rock, Behind, Side, Cross, Kick-ball Cross
1-2Turn ¼ L and rock R to R, *Restart 2*, recover weight to L, 6.00
&Ball step R next to L
3-4Rock L to L, recover weight to R *Restart 1*
5&6Step L behind R, step R beside L, cross L over R
7&8Kick R diagonally fwd, step ball of R next to L, cross L over R
Restart 1:During wall 2, after 36 counts, (facing 12.00) After your side rock L to L, make a ball step closing L next to right and restart the dance.
Restart 2: During wall 5, after 32 counts, (facing 6.00) after full turn add a ¼ turn L. Instead of side rock, ball step, restart the dance.

Contact: (lisen_brixvi@hotmail.com)

Last Update - 15 Aug. 2019
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