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I Worship Her

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Andrew Palmer (UK) & Sheila Palmer (UK) - February 2017
I Worship the Woman You Walked On - Ronnie Dunn : (Album: Tattooed Heart - amazon)
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#24 Count Intro. Start on Vocals

Our thanks to Sam Cook for recommending the track

S1: Step Forward. Point Side. Hold. Coaster-Step
1-3Step forward Left, point Right to side, hold
4-6Step back on Right, step Left beside Right, step forward Right
(Option for count 4-6: Full turn Right)
*Restart here during wall 3 facing the back wall

S2: Step Forward. Step Side. Together. Step Back. Step Side. Cross
1-3Step forward Left, step Right to side, step Left beside Right
4-6Step back on Right, step Left to side, cross Right over Left

S3: Quarter Turn Step. Hold. Hold. Half Turn Step. Step Forward. Rock
1-3Quarter turn Left step forward Left, hold, hold (9:00)
4-6Half turn Right run forward Right, run forward Left, rock forward onto Right (3:00)

S4: Recover. Rock Side. Recover. Step Back. Rock Side. Recover
1-3Recover onto Left, rock Right to side, recover onto Left
4-6Step back on Right, rock Left to side, recover onto Right

S5: Twinkle-Step. Twinkle-Step Half Turn
1-3Cross Left over Right, step Right to side, step Left beside Right
4-6Cross Right over Left, quarter turn Right step back Left (6:00), quarter turn Right step Right to side (9:00)

S6: Cross. Unwind Three-Quarter. Sailor-Step
1-3Cross Left over Right, unwind three-quarter Right (6:00)
4-6Step Right behind Left, step Left beside Right, step Right to side

S7: Sailor-Step Quarter Turn. Cross. Point. Hold
1-3Step Left behind Right, quarter turn Left step Right beside Left, step Left to side (3:00)
4-6Cross Right over Left, point Left to side, hold

S8: Weave. Run. Run. Run (completing a full turn Right)
1-3Step Left behind Right, step Right to side, cross Left over Right (prepare to turn Right)
4-6Run round R-L-R completing a full turn Right (3:00)

Note: There is 1 Restart on wall 3. Dance the first 6 counts then Restart facing 6:00.


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