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I'd Love to Be Your Last

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High Intermediate
Rex Chuan – January 2019
"I'd Love to Be Your Last" by Clay Walker
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Start: dance starts after 8 counts with vocal

S1: Sway X2, Flick, Cross
5678Sway R(5), sway L(6), flick LF(7), LF cross RF(8)

S2: Unwind, Weave, Spiral, Weave, Spiral, Two Step Turn,
123&4Unwind R(1), RF sweep backward(2), RF cross behind LF(3), LF L(&), L quarter turn and RF forward(4)
5&6&L half swivel on RF(5), LF L(6), RF cross LF(&)
78&LF L(7) and R ¾ swivel, RF forward(8), R half turn and LF backward(&) (6:00)

S3: Sway X3, Monterey Turn, Night Club, Sailor Step Turn
12&3R quarter turn RF R(1), sway L(2), sway R(&), sway L(3) and open arms laterally along shoulder right arm pointing forward (9:00)
4&5RF together and R half swivel on RF(4), R quarter turn and LF in place(&), RF R(5) (6:00)
6&78&LF together(6), RF cross L(&), R quarter turn and LF backward(7) and RF sweep backward, L quarter turn and LF forward(&) (6:00)

S4: Pivot Turn, Cross & Sweep X4, Cross, Side
12&34R half turn and RF backward(1) and sweep LF(1), LF land behind RF(2), RF R(&), LF cross RF(3), R swivel ¾ turn and RF forward(4) and LF sweep forward
5678&LF cross RF(5) and RF sweep forward, RF cross LF(6) and LF sweep forward, LF cross RF and RF sweep forward(7), RF cross LF(8), LF L(&)

S5: Weave, Rock, Weave, Rock, Weave, Sailor Step Turn, Spiral, Run X2
1&2&RF backward(1), LF cross RF(&), RF R(2), LF backward(&)
3&4&RF cross LF(3), LF L(&), RF backward(4), LF cross RF(&)
56&L quarter turn and RF backward(5) and LF sweep back, LF cross behind RF(6), RF R(&)
78&R quarter turn and LF forward(7), R full swivel and RF forward(8), R ⅛ turn and LF forward(&) (10:30)

S6: Rock Recover, Back Sweep and Cross X4, Sailor Step Turn, Pivot Turn, Run
1234RF rock forward(1), recover on LF(2) and RF sweep back, RF cross behind LF(3) and RF sweep back, RF cross behind LF(4) and RF sweep back
56&RF cross behind LF(5) and LF sweep back, LF cross behind RF(6), L ⅛ turn and RF R(&)
(Restart here in wall 3)
78&LF cross RF(7), R swivel ¾ turn and weight on RF(8), LF forward(&) (12:00)

S7: Forward, Flick, Spiral, 2-Step Turn, Jazz Box Turn
1234&RF forward(1), LF flick(2), LF cross RF(3), R swivel one and ⅛ turn and RF forward(4), R quarter turn and LF backward(&) (7:30)
5678R quarter turn and RF forward(5), LF cross RF(6), L ⅛ turn and RF R(7), L half turn and LF L(8)

Restart: In the third Wall, after S6 count 6(&), restart facing 3:00

Ending: the fourth wall naturally end facing 6:00, turn back to 12:00 and pose.

Enjoy the dance!

( 13:11:50)


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