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I'd Stop the World

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Intermediate smooth
Debbie Rushton (UK) & Jannie Tofte Andersen (DK) - October 2018
Love Someone - Lukas Graham : (Album: Purple Album - . Buy on iTunes.)
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Intro: 32 counts intro (app. 22 sec. into song)
Tag: 2 tags (same one). After wall 2 (12:00) and after wall 5 (06:00) - See below for details.
Ending: Dance ends on wall 8 after 13 counts. See below for details.
Dance starts facing 01:30
[1-8] Back sweep, Behind ¼ L step, Prep, Full turn L, Mambo hitch back
1Step L back sweeping R CW 01:30
2&3Cross R behind L, turn ¼ L stepping L fw, step R fw 10:30
4Step L fw prepping body R 10:30
5&Turn ½ L stepping R back, turn ½ L stepping L fw 10:30
6&7Rock R fw, recover onto L, step R back hitching L up while raising up on ball of R 10:30
8Step L back 10:30
[9-16] Run around ⅞ R sweep, Weave hitch, Sailor point, ¾ R toe drag
1&2Run around R-L-R ⅞ circle over R sweeping L CW on the last step 09:00
3-4-5Cross L over R, step R to R side, cross L behind R hitching R up and around back
Styling option: on the chorus drag the sweep into count 3 & do the weave hitch on 4&5 instead 09:00
6&7Cross R behind L, step L a small step to L, point R to R prepping body L 09:00
8Turn ¼ R stepping onto R and keep turning an additional ½ R dragging L toe in next to R slightly bending both knees 06:00
[17-24] Walk cross, Side rock cross, ¼ ½ L, Pivot ½ L
1-2-3Walk L fw, hold, cross R over L 06:00
4&5Rock L to L side, recover onto R, cross L over R 06:00
6-7Turn ¼ L stepping R back, turn ½ L stepping L fw 09:00
8&Step R fw, turn ½ L stepping onto L 03:00
[25-32] Slow walks, ¼ L Scissor step, ¼ ¼ R, Cross rock
1-2-3Walk fw R, hold, walk fw L 03:00
&4-5Turn ¼ L stepping R to R side, step L next to R, cross R over L 12:00
6-7Turn ¼ R stepping L back, turn ¼ R stepping R to R side 06:00
8&Cross rock L over R (going to your R diagonal), recover onto R 07:30
[1-8] TAG: Happens after wall 2 (12:00) & wall 5 (06:00)
12&Step L back sweeping R CW, Cross R behind L, turn ¼ L stepping L fw 11.30
3-4Rock fw on R, Recover back on L 11.30
5-6-7Step R to R side squaring up to front wall and sway body R L R 12.00
8&Cross rock L over R (going to your R diagonal), recover onto R 01.30

ENDING: On wall 8 – do the first 10 counts (facing 03:00) then change the weave to:
3-4-5Cross L over R, turn ¼ L stepping R back, step R next to L 12:00

Debbie Rushton (UK) –
Jannie Tofte Andersen (DK) -


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