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Arnold Hamdan (INA) - April 2020
IDIOTA - SofĂ­a Reyes
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Intro 16 Count, No tag, No restart

S1. Side Cha-cha in place 2x - Prissy walk - Rumba Box
1-2-& Step R to right side(weight to R), close L together R, step R in place
3-4-& Step L to left side (weight to L), close R together L, step L in place
5-6 Step R fwd over L, Left fwd over R
7-&-8 Step R to right side, close L together R, Step R fwd

S2. Pivot- Lock Shuffle - Out Out - 3/4 Right turn
1-2 Step L fwd, ½ Turn R step R in place
3-&-4 Step L fwd, step R behind L, Step L fwd
5-6 Step R diagonal, step L diagonal
7-&-8 1/4 turn right step R fwd,step ball of L behind R,1/2 turn right step R fwd

S3. Side Mambo LR - Syncopated Chasse - Touch
1-&-2 Step L side, Recover R, close L together R
3-&-4 Step R side, Recover L, close R together L
5-&-6-& Step L side, step R beside L,step L side,step L beside R
7-&-8-& Step L side,step R beside L, step L to side,R touch

S4. Syncopated V step - pivot - Hip bump (RL)
1-&-2-& Step R diagonal fwd, step L diagonal fwd, step R back to center, step L close beside R
3-4 Step R fwd, ½ Turn left step L in palace
5-6 Touch R fwd,droop heel in palace
7-8 Touch L fwd,droop heel in palace


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