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If I Had You

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Colleen Archer (AUS) - November 2010
If I Had You by Adam Lambert (CD: For Your Entertainment (Deluxe Version))
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Intro: 32 counts

Side Shuffle, Rock Back, Forward, Full Turn, Side Shuffle
1&2Shuffle to side stepping right, left, right
3-4Rock left back, recover to right
5-6Turn ¼ right and step left back, turn ½ right and step right forward
7&8Turn ¼ right and shuffle to side stepping left, right, left (12:00)
Alternate step left to side, right beside left, side shuffle on counts 5-8

Rock Forward, Back, Coaster, Rock Side, Recover, Together, Turn ¼, Turn ¼
1-2Rock right forward, recover to left
3&4Step right back, step left together, step right forward
5-6&Rock left to side, recover to right, step left together
7-8Turn ¼ left and step right back, turn ¼ left and step left to side (6:00)
RESTART from here on wall 3

Step Forward, Twist Heels Right, Left, Right & Turn ¼, Left Toe Strut, Right Toe Strut
1-2Step right forward, swivel heels right
3-4Swivel heels left, swivel heels right turning ¼ left (weight right)
5-8Step left toe back, drop left heel, step right toe back, drop right heel (3:00)

Sailor, Behind, Side, Rock Forward, Back, ¾ Turning Triple
1&2Left sailor step
3-4Cross right behind left, step left to side
5-6Rock right forward, recover to left
7&8Triple in place turning ¾ right stepping right, left, right (12:00)

Forward, Forward, Back, Together, Rock Forward, Back, Coaster
1-2Step left diagonally forward, step right to side
3-4Step left home, step right together
5-6Rock left forward, recover to right
7&8Step left back, step right together, step left forward (12:00)

¼ Paddle, Cross, Back, Side, Cross, Side, Behind, Side, Cross
1-2Step right forward, turn ¼ left (weight to left)
3&4Cross right over left, step left back, step right to side
5-6Cross left over right, step right to side
7&8Cross left behind right, step right to side, cross left over right (9:00)

Rock Side, Recover, X Shuffle, Turn ¼, Turn ¼, Left X Samba
1-2Rock right to side, recover to left
3&4Crossing chassé right, left, right
5-6Turn ¼ right and step left back, turn ¼ right and step right to side
7&8Cross left over right, rock right to side, recover to left (3:00)

Rock Forward, Back, Full Turn, ½, Hips Left Right Left
1-2Rock right forward, recover to left
3&4Triple in place turning a full turn right stepping right, left, right
Optional: right coaster step
5-6Step left forward, turn ½ right (weight to right)
(Finish has ¾ turn)
7&8Step left to side and bump hips left, right, left (weight to left and click fingers to left) (9:00)


RESTART: ON wall three dance first 16 counts and begin again facing front

ENDING: On wall eight dance to count 61, then turn ¾ to face front, do hip bumps and stomp



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