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If I Never

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Improver / Intermediate
Peter Davenport (ES) - November 2019
#16 Count Intro Start on Vocals, Approx. 16 Seconds, Track Length 3.30

S1 Step Rock Replace, Sailor 1/4 R, Reverse 1/2 Hook L , Shuffle
1.2.3Step L to L, Cross rock R over L, Recover on L 12
4&5Sailor 1/4 R (come forward on R) 3
6.7Step L forward, Reverse 1/2 L step back on R (hook L foot up) 9
8&1Shuffle forward L.R.L 9

S2 Rock 1/4 L, Shuffle Forward, Side Together, Shuffle Back
2.31/4 L Rock R out to R, Recover on L (slide R to L for shuffle) 6
4&5Shuffle forward R.L.R 6
6.7Step L to L,** Bring R to L 6
8&1Shuffle back L.R.L 6

S3 Rock Replace, Side Rock Cross, Side Behind, Side Rock Cross
2.3Rock back on R, Recover on L 6
4&5Rock R out to R, Recover on L, Cross R over L 6
6.7Step L to L, Cross R behind L 6
8&1Rock L out to L, Recover on R, Cross L over R 6

S4 Side Behind, Shuffle 1/4 R, Pivot 1/2 R, Lock Step
2.3Step R to R, Cross L behind R 6
4&5Shuffle 1/4 R R.L.R 9
6.7Step forward on L, Pivot 1/2 R (weight on R) 3
8&Step forward on L, Lock R behind L (step L out to L) 3

Tag On The End Of Walls 1 & 2
1.2Rock L out to L diagonal, Recover on R
3.4Rock L back & out to L diagonal , Recover on R

**Restart Wall 6
The music fades away slightly on wall 6 facing 3 o´clock
Dance up to and including 4&5 on S2, Touch L toe to R count 6 facing 9 o´clock restart the dance, you will need to listen for it…………Step L



CeeCee December 22, 2019
I love the way this dance fits perfectly with the music! Nice job and thank you!!

CeeCee February 22, 2020
Our dance group has been dancing this for a couple months now, and every time we do, I love the feel of it more!

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