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If It's Meant To Be

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Felicia Harris Jones (USA) - March 2018
Meant To Be - Florida Georgia Line (Ft. Bebe Rexha)
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[1-8] Basic NC2, Walk*, Walk*, Chase ½ Turn
1,2&Large step Right to right side (1), Back rock Left behind Right (2), Recover on Right (&)
3,4&Large step Left to left side (3), Back rock Right behind Left (4), Recover on Left (&)
5,6Step Right forward (5), Step Left forward (6)
*Think of a model walk or prissy walk here -each step slightly crossing the other
7&8Step Right forward (7), pivot ½ left (&), Step Right forward (8) (6:00 wall)

[9-16] Wizard Steps*, Rock Recover ¼ Turn, Weave
1,2&Step Left forward (1), Lock Right behind left (2), Step Left forward (&)
3,4&Step Right forward (3), Lock Left behind right (4), Step Right forward (&)
*Make sure that both Wizard steps go forward and not diagonally- lead with shoulders for added attitude
5,6Rock Left forward (5), Making a ¼ turn right -Recover on Right (6) (9:00 wall)
7&8Step Left behind right (7), Step Right to right side (&), Step Left across right (8)

Repeat. Enjoy.

Please use in original format. If you choose to post on your website, please do not alter in any way and include all choreographer contact information.


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