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If It's Over
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Intermediate Waltz
Simon Ward, Australia, August 2010
If It's Over, By Mariah Carey (Live) Album: MTV Unplugged
Start dance on vocals. Weight on right.

(1-6) Cross, ¼ turn, ¼ turn, rock fwd diagonal, rock ½ turn, step fwd
1-3 Cross/step left over right, turn ¼ left stepping back on right, turn ¼ left stepping left to left side
4-6 Rock right into left diagonal (4.30), Rock/recover left back starting to turn ½ turn right, Complete ½ turn stepping forward on right (10.30)

(7-12) Full turn, fwd pivot ¼ turn, cross, ¼ turn, 3/8 turn to back wall
&1-3 Make a ½ turn right stepping left slightly back, make a further ½ turn right stepping right slightly forward, Step left forward, Pivot ¼ turn right taking weight onto right (1:30)
4-6 Cross/step left over right, turn ¼ left stepping back on right, turn 3/8 left stepping left to left side (6:00)

(13-18) Rock fwd, rock back ½ turn, step right fwd, step left beside ½ turn, right foot sweep, hold
1-3 Rock/step right forward, rock/recover weight back on left starting to turn ½ right, complete ½ turn right stepping slightly forward on right (12:00)
4-6 Turn ½ right stepping left beside right sweeping right to right side, slowly sweep right behind left (6:00)

(19-24) Rock onto right, cross/step, rock right, rock centre, cross/step, ¼ turn, ¼ turn
&1-3 Rock right behind left, cross/step left over right, rock/step right to right side, recover weight onto left
4-6 Cross/step right over left, turn ¼ right stepping back on left, turn ¼ right stepping right to right side (12:00)

(25-30) Cross/rock, recover, step to left, cross/rock, recover, step right
1-3 Cross/rock left over right, rock/recover weight back on right, step left slightly to left side
4-6 Cross/rock right over left, rock/recover weight back on left, step right slightly to right side

(31-36) Step left fwd, step right fwd, pivot ½ turn left, left forward, full turn left, rock/step fwd
&1-3 Step left slightly forward, step right forward, pivot ½ turn left keeping weight on right, take weight forward onto left (6:00)
4-6 Turn ½ left stepping back on right, turn ½ left stepping forward on left, rock/step right forward (6:00)

(37-42) Rock left back, full turn back, coaster cross, rock left side
1-3 Rock/step left back, turn ½ right stepping forward on right, turn ½ right stepping back on L (6:00)
4&5-6 Step right back, step left beside right, cross/step right over left, rock/step left to left side

(43-48) Rock/recover, cross/step left over right, coaster cross, rock left side, rock/recover
1-2 Rock/recover weight onto right, cross/step left over right
3&4 Step right back, step left beside right, cross/step right over left
5-6 Rock/step left to left side, rock/recover weight onto right

Contact: bellychops@hotmail.com

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