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If You Tell Me

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Absolute Beginner
Sherry Kemp (USA) - June 2022
Tell Me You Love Me - Cheat Codes
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Alternative: Breathe - Jax Jones

Begin on first heavy beat, 17th count from first note.
No tags or restarts. Counter clockwise direction.

S1: Walk forward x3, touch, rocking chair
1-4R L R walk forward, L touch by R
5-8L step forward, R recover, L step back, R recover

S2: Left half rhumba, touch, *rocking chair
1-4L step left, R step together, L step back, R touch by L
5-8R step back, L recover, R step forward, L recover

S3: *Reverse K step 1/4 left ( Clap on touches )
1-4R step diagonally back right, L touch by R, L step diagonally forward left, R touch by L
5-6R step diagonally forward right, L touch by R,
7-8L step 1/4 left, R touch by L

S4: Vine dip right, **vine dip left ( Arm side extensions out, in, out, down )
1-4R step to right, L step behind with bent knees, R step to right, L touch
5-8L step left, R step behind with bent knees, L step left, R touch by L

*Option: Left side Rf rocking chair and K step can also be done forward.

**On the second 9:00 wall ( 6th rotation ) just after the left vine, continue with S1 walk forward during the four count silence
and the beat return for the Lf rocking chair on the right.

***Finish option: At 3:00 on 12th wall, dance to step 4 ( R touch ) of S2 with bent knee,
( 5 ) extend R open palm forward 3:00 and L to the left looking to 12:00 for final count 5.

This dance is designed to focus on touches and change of possible step direction.
Using the reverse option, I tell my dancers the right side lead is forward, left side is back.

Last Update: 24 Jun 2022


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