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I'll Meet You at Midnight
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Phrased Improver
Bobbey Willson (USA), Grace David (KOR) June 2016
I'll Meet You at Midnight by Chris Norman (Chris Norman - The Hits! 3:17)
Phrasing: A, Tag, A, B, A, A*, B, A, A, Tag, B, A*, A
Intro: 16 Counts - Music / Dance has an essence of a Tango feel to it.

Part A – (32 Counts)
A 1: [1-8} Steps-fwd RL Shuffle-fwd RLR , L-fwd Rock-Rec, ¾ L Turning shuffle- LRL
1 2 3&4Step R forward, Step L forward, Step R forward, Step L beside R, Step R forward
5 6Rock L forward, Recover on R
7& 8Turning 3/4 left: Step L, Step R, Step L (3:00)

A 2: {9-16} R-Sync-Extended-Chasse right, Rolling Vine to left w/ Touch
1 2 3&4Step R to right, Step L beside R, Step R to right, Step L beside R, Step R down
5 6Turn 1/4 left and step L fwd, Turn 1/2 left and step R back
7 8Turn 1/4 left and step L to left, Touch R beside L (3:00)

A 3: (17-24} R-Rocking-chair, R-fwd Rock-Rec, ¾ R Turning shuffle- RLR
1 2 3 4Rock R forward, Recover on L, Rock R back, Recover on L
5 6Rock R forward, Recover on L
7&8Turning 3/4 right: Step R, Step L, Step R (12:00)

A 4: {25-32} Back-Step-Lock-Step LRL w/Touch, Step 1/4 turn left, Rock-back-Rec Touch
1 2Step L back to diag, Step R in front of L
3 4Step L back to diag, Touch R beside L
(Restart here during Wall 5 facing 12:00 and during wall 10 facing 12:00)
5 6Step R forward, Pivot 1/4 left and step L down (9:00)
7&8Rock R back, Recover on L, Touch R beside L

Part B – (44 Counts)
B 1:1 – B 4:8 {1-32} Same as Part A {1-32}

B 5: {33-40} R-Rumba Box Back
1 2 3 4Step R to right, Step L beside R, Step R back, Hold
5 6 7 8Step L to left, Step R beside L, Step L forward, Hold

B 6: {41-44} Sway-right Sway-left R-Rock-back-Rec
1 2 3 4Sway and shift wt to right, Sway and shift wt to left, Rock R back, Recover on L

Tag - 4 Counts - Sway-right Sway-left R Rock-back-Rec
1 2 3 4Sway and shift wt to right, Sway and shift wt to left, Rock R back, Recover on L

A*: Restart Walls are designated as (A*). Dance only {1-28} then Restart as next wall.
Restarts occur during Wall 5 and Wall 10 – Both facing 12:00

Option: Less dramatic but easier for dancers - Instead of the 3/4 Turns in A1: 7&8 and A3: 7&8, replace steps with 1/2 turn in two steps with the third step as a step in place. This will offer firm foundation for the following step whether it be the Sync Chasse or the Locksteps. Your facings will be 6:00 and back to 12:00 instead of 3:00 and 12:00.

(This dance is dedicated to Charlotte Steele)

Please do not alter this step sheet in any way. If you would like to use on your
website please make sure it is in its original format and include all contact
details on this script. willbeys@aol.com / poshtroy2010@hanmail.net
[ http://bobbeywillson.weebly.com ]

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