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I'm Better For Loving You

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Ron Bloye (UK) October 2017
Loving You Makes Me A Better Man by Hal Ketcham - iTunes or Amazon
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Sec 1: Rock Out Behind Side Cross - Right and Left.
1 - 2Rock out to Right Side on Right - Recover on Left .
3&4Step Right Behind Left, Step Left to Side - Cross Right Over Left.
5 - 6Rock out to Left Side on Left - Recover on Right.
7&8Step Left behind Right, Step Right to Side - Cross Left Over Right.

Sec 2: Heel, Toe Shuffle Forward - Right and Left.
1 - 2Touch Right Heel Forward - Touch Right Toe Back.
3&4Step Forward Right, Close Left beside Right, Step Forward Right.
5 - 6Touch Left Heel Forward – Touch Left Toe Back.
7&8Step Left Forward - Close Right beside Left - Step Forward Left.

Sec 3: Step 1/2 Turn Left – Shuffle 1/2 Turn – Walk Back Lt Rt – Back Coaster Step
1 - 2Step Right Forward - Turn ½ on Left (6 o’clock) (Over Left Shoulder)
3&4½ turn Shuffle Right Left Right ( 12 o’clock)
5 - 6Walk back Left and Right.
7&8Step Back Left - Step Right beside Left - Step Forward Left.

Sec 4: Side Together - Shuffle Forward - Rock Recover - ½ Turn Shuffle.
1 - 2Step Right to Right Side - Step Left Next to Right.
3&4Step Forward Right - Close Left Beside Right - Step Forward Right.
5 - 6Rock Forward Left - Recover on Right.
7&8½ Turn Shuffle - Left - Right – Left. (Over Left Shoulder)

For easy beginners - Sec 3: -
1- 2Rock Forward Right - Recover on Left.
3&4Shuffle Back - Right Left Right.

Non Country this dance will fit to many tracks Try :- Fireball by Pitbull

Last Update - 12th Oct. 2017


Lorraine T October 23, 2017
The tutorial by de queen is of fireball. There is a full demo of “fireball “ and a very short tutorial of “ I’m better for loving you “. Mix up surely

Lorraine T October 23, 2017
Sorry was just hoping to see it done at the correct tempo. It does fit though. X

Bernie Barrette May 7, 2018
Love the dance and the music so did my class

Sandue May 15, 2019
I like (and teach) a lot of Ron's dances and will be teaching this to my Beginner class.

Janny von den Liners June 20, 2019
I just put this on the 'have to teach-list'!

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