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I'm Feeling Alright

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High Improver
Johnny Two-Step (UK) - November 2021
Alright, Alright, Alright - Rayelle
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Walk Walk rock forward recover step back ½ turn left ½ turn left, coaster cross
1.2Walk forward right left
3&4rock forward on right recover on left step back on right foot
5.6½ turn left on left foot. ½ turn left stepping back on right foot
7&8rock back on left foot recover on right cross left over right foot

Rock ,recover, cross shuffle, Rock, Recover, cross behind side cross over right foot
1.2rock right to right side recover on left foot
3&4cross right over left step left to left side cross right over left
5.6rock left to left side recover on right foot
7&8cross left behind right step right to right side cross left over right foot

¼ turn Jazz boxes right, full paddle turn left
1.4cross right over left step back on left ¼ turn right on right foot cross left over right foot
5.8¼ pivot left tap right toe to right side ¼ pivot left tap right toe to right side, ¼ pivot left tap right toe to right side ¼ pivot left toe right side

Vine right, Rolling vine left
1.4vine right stepping right left right tap left next to right foot
5.8rolling vine left turn left right left tap right toe

Have fun


JD Anderson November 9, 2021
Can’t wait to learn this on the dance floor soon

LST November 10, 2021
The choreography is simple and fits the music very well. It is a very enjoyable stress free dance. The dance deserves to be in the Top 100.

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