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I'm Not Lisa

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Alison Biggs (UK) & Peter Metelnick (UK) - September 2017
I'm Not Lisa - Jessi Colter
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Start after 48 count intro on the word ‘Lisa’ – 36 secs – 78bpm – 3mins 23secs

Music available: Amazon

[1-8&] Step R fwd, ¼ pivot R, ½ L hinge, R chase turn, run fwd L/R
1Step R forward
2&3Step L forward, turn ¼ pivot right, cross L over R (3 o’clock)
4&5Turn ¼ left step R back, turn ¼ left step L to left side, step R forward (on the &5 count your feet should be together)(9 o’clock)
6&7Step L forward, ½ pivot right, step L forward (3 o’clock)
8&Run slightly forward R/L

[9-16] R fwd rock/recover, run back R/L, cross R over L, step L back, turn ¼ L, step R to R side, L cross rock/recover, step L to L side, cross R over L, ½ hinge R
1-2Rock R forward, recover weight on L
&3Run back R/L (although your feet will be facing 3’clock turn your body to your left diagonal slightly)
4&5Cross step R over L (still facing diagonal), step L back (start straightening up to face 3 o’clock), turn ¼ right, step R to right side (6 o’clock)
6&7Cross rock L over R, recover weight on L, step L to left side
8&Cross step R over L, turn ¼ right, step L back, turn ¼ right (12 o’clock)
WALL 5: After first 16& counts start dance again facing 12 o’clock

[17-24] L NC basic, step L to L side, R NC basic step R fwd, step L fwd, turn ½ L, step R back, L tog
1-2&Take a BIG step right stepping R to right side, drag L to meet R to execute the step L behind R, recover weight on R,
3-4&Take a BIG step left stepping L to left side, drag R to meet to execute the step R behind L, recover weight on L,
5Step R forward
6&7Step L forward (in extended 5th), turning ½ left step R back, step L together (6 o’clock) (This is a crisp even movement)
8&Run forward R/L

[25-32] Step R fwd, L fwd mambo, R back coaster cross, L side rock/recover cross, R side rock/recover
1-2&3Step R forward, rock L forward, recover weight on R, step L back
4&5Step R back, step L together, cross step R over L
6&7Rock L to left side, recover weight on R, cross step L over R
8&Rock R to right side, recover weight on L

ENDING: Dance the following 4 counts
1Step R forward
2&3Step L forward, turn ¼ pivot right, cross L over R (3 o’clock)
4Sweep R foot from behind L, turn ¼ L to face 12 o’clock touch R next to L to strike a pose!

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