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I'm On My Way

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Novice / Intermediate NC2S
José Miguel Belloque Vane (NL) & Michel Platje (NL) - August 2014
Home Sweet Home (feat. Vince Neil) - Justin Moore
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Restart - 2nd wall after 20 counts

Basic Right, Basic Left, ¾ Turn Left, Walk, Rockstep
1RF step to right side
2LF step behind RF
&RF cross over LF
3LF step to left side
4RF step behind LF
&LF cross over RF
5RF step ¾ left (15.00)
6LF step forward
&RF step forward
7LF Rock forward
8RF recover weight

Step, ½ Turn, Sweep, ¼ Turn Sway’s
1LF step back ½ turn right (21.00)
2RF step forward
&LF step forward
3RF step forward LF sweep in front of RF
4LF cross over RF
&RF step ¼ left
5LF Sway to left
6RF pressure step or take weight(21.00)
7LF 6/8 turn right(facing 4.30)
8RF walk forward diagonal
&LF walk forward diagonal

Rockstep, Side, Rockstep, Walk, Pivot ½ Turn
1RF rock forward
2LF recover
&RF step to right side
3LF rock forward
4RF recover
&LF step to left side
5RF walk forward diagonal(4.30)
6LF walk forward diagonal (4.30)
7RF walk forward diagonal (4.30)
8LF step forward ½ turn right (10.30)
&RF recover

Jazzbox 3/8 Turn, Hitch ½ Turn, 5/8 Turn, Weave
1LF step forward
2Rf crosss over LF
&LF Step back
3Rf step to side(15.00)
4LF hitch whilst turning ½ turn left point LF to left side
5RF 7/8 turn over left(10.30)
6LF take weight
7RF cross over LF
&LF step to left
8RF ½ turn right
&LF cross over RF



Pismo August 12, 2014
How can a dance be novice/intermediate? They are not interchangeable.

Pismo August 12, 2014
I should have included the fact that I think this is lovely choreography that flows well with the track. I will teach it, but because of the angles and turn/reverse turn combination, I think it is suitable for more experienced dancers. We need a standard way to determine difficulty levels.

Little Mike August 12, 2014
Novice/Easy Intermediate :-)

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