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I'm Outta Love

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Karolina Ullenstav (SWE) - September 2021
I'm Outta Love - Anastacia
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Tag after wall 2 and 6. Restart in wall 4 and 12 after 24 counts. Tag also in wall 9 after 16 counts and then restart. Don't worry you will hear them all!
Tag (4 counts): RF rock step forward and recover onto LF (weight on LF), RF rock step back and recover onto LF (weight on LF) (Rocking Chair)

Intro 32 counts (intro starts when the beat in the music starts after she sings "Oooh..") BPM 120

Section 1: Steps forward with points diagonally fwd
1RF step forward (facing 12.00)
2LF point diagonally forward left
3LF step forward
4RF point diagonally forward right
5RF step forward
6LF point diagonally forward left
7LF step forward
8RF point diagonally forward right

Section 2: Grapevine right with a ¾ turn right ending with quick and small steps forward
1RF step right
2LF step behind RF
3Turn ¼ right stepping RF forward (facing 03.00)
4LF step forward turning ½ right on ball of LF (weight on LF) (facing 09.00)
5RF step in place
6LF step forward
7RF small and quick step forward
&LF small and quick step forward
8RF touch beside LF

Section 3: Toe struts backwards and then a full turn backwards right while doing toe struts in the turn
1RF toe step back
2RF heel step in place
3LF toe step back
4LF heel step in place
5Turn ½ right backwards on ball of LF (weight on LF) stepping RF toe forward
6RF heel step in place
7Turn ½ right on ball of RF (weight on RF) stepping LF toe back (facing 09.00)
8LF heel step in place

Section 4: Long sliding step right, touch beside, point left to the side, touch beside, ending with a rolling vine full turn to the left and clap once
1RF long sliding step right
2LF touch beside RF
3LF point left to the side
4LF touch beside RF
5Turn ¼ left stepping LF forward
6Turn ½ left on ball of LF (weight on LF) stepping RF back
7Turn ¼ left on ball of RF (weight on RF) stepping LF left to the side (facing 09.00)
8RF touch beside LF and clap once

Have fun dancing this one and enjoy the rhythm!


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