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Intermediate / Advanced
Amy Glass (Jan 2015)
Ready for the Good Life by Paloma Faith [3:25 – iTunes]
#16 count intro; dance starts on lyrics

[1-8] Cross, Side Rock Cross, Side R, Weave, ¼ L Back-Together, Forward R
1Cross R over L
2&3Rock L to L side, recover weight on R, Cross L over R
4Step R to R side
5&6Step L behind R, R to R side, Cross L over R
&7Turn ¼ L stepping back R, Step L next to R straightening both legs
8Step forward R (9:00) [treat this as a prep for the upcoming turn]

[9-16] Full turn R, Forward R, Pivot ½ R on Ball of L, Forward R, ½ L Modified Jazz Box, Forward L
1-2Step L forward making a full turn R on ball of L, Step R forward [Option: remove the turn walking forward L] (9:00)
&3Step L forward turning ½ R on ball of L, Step R forward (3:00)
4-5-6-7Step L forward, Turn ¼ L stepping R to R side, Turn ¼ L stepping L beside R, Step R forward (9:00)
8Step L slightly forward

[17-24] Sway R, L, Behind Side Cross & Cross, L Mambo to Diagonal, Step back R
1-2Big sway R, L [with knees bent]
3&4&5Step R behind L, L to L side, Cross R over L, Step on ball of L to L side, Cross R over L
6&7Rock forward L to diagonal, Recover weight on R, Step slightly back L (7:30)
8Step R back squaring up to 6:00

[25-32] Step Drag (¼ L), Rock Recover Step ¼ R, Chase ½ R, Rolling Full Turn L, Rock Recover ¼ L
1¼ L taking big step L while dragging R heel (3:00)
2&3Rock back R behind L, Cross L over R, Turn ¼ R stepping forward R (6:00)
4&5Forward L, Pivot ½ R, Step forward L (12:00)
6-7Full turn L stepping back R, Forward L (12:00)
8&Rock forward R, Recover weight on L while turning ¼ L (9:00)

Restarts (2): Both occur after 16 counts on walls 4 (facing 12:00 when the Restart happens) and 9 (facing 9:00 when the Restart happens.)
Tip. Normally, you’ll step forward on count 16. Make a small step slightly to the L to be ready to cross over for count 1.

Ending: The dance ends after completing 11 walls. You would have started wall 12 facing 3:00, but instead, for count 1, over rotate ¼ L to the 12:00 wall.

Overall styling: Think Funky West Coast Swing. Don’t be afraid to add upper-body styling to the footwork.

Have fun!

Contact: amyleeanne@gmail.com

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