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Easy Improver
Ann-Jeanett Ramsvatn (DK) - August 2022
Human - Cody Johnson
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Intro: 16 counts from when the guitar starts to play. App. 3 secs. Into track. Start with weight on L.

Section 1: Walk (R,L), Anchor step w. Sweep, Back, Sweep x2, Behind Side Cross
1-2Step fwd on R (1), Step fwd on L (2)
3&4Lock R behind L (3), Step weight onto L (&), Step slightly back on R and Sweep L (4)
5-6Step back on L and sweep R (5), Step back on R and sweep L (6)
7&8Step L behind R (7), Step R to R side (&), Cross L over R (8)

Section 2: R Rock/Sway, Behind Side Cross, Side, Behind, ¼ Shuffle L
1-2Rock/Sway R to R side (1), Recover on L (2)
3&4Step R behind L (3), Step L to L side (&), Cross R over L (4)
5-6Step L to L side (5), Cross R behind L (6)
7&8Turn ¼ L stepping L fwd (7), Step R beside L (&), Step L fwd (8) 9:00
Restart wall 4

Section 3: 3/8 L, Fwd Lock Step, ½ R, Fwd Lock Step
1-2Step fwd on R (1), Turn 3/8 L Recover on L (2) 4:30
3&4Step fwd on R (3), Lock L behind R (&), Step fwd on R (4)
5-6Step fwd on L (5), Turn ½ R Recover on R (6) 10:30
7&8Step fwd on L (7), Lock R behind L (&), Step fwd on L (8)
Restart wall 7

Section 4: Fwd Rock/Recover, 1/8 Sailor R, Cross, Side, ¼ Sailor L
1-2Rock fwd on R (1), Recover on L (2)
3&4Turn 1/8 R stepping back on R (3), Step L beside R (&), Step R to R side (4) 12.00
5-6Cross L over R (5), Step R to R side (6)
7&8Turn ¼ L stepping back on L (7), Step R beside L (&), Step fwd on L (8) 3:00

Restart: Wall 4 After the first 16 Counts.
Restart/Step change: Wall 7 after 24 counts. Do 1/8 flick L on count & (restart facing 3:00)

Ending:Wall 10 is your last wall (start facing 9:00). Do the first 5 counts then do ¼ sailor R. Tadaaaaa 😊

Enjoy the dance and have fun!


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