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I'm Too Sexy - Auf Da Bierbank

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Sascha Wolf (DE) & Sabrina Kolodziej - September 2019
I'm too sexy (Auf da Bierbank) - DeSchoWieda feat. Fred and Richard
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We hope you have Fun, with our OKTOBERFEST dance ;-)

Rockstep Chassé
1 2RF Rockstep fwd, LF weight back on Place
3&4RF to side, LF close to RF, RF to side
5 6LF Rockstep fwd, RF weight back on Place
7&8LF to side, RF close to RF, LF to side with a 1/4 turn to left

Heel Dig, Clap, Hip Bump
1&2&3right heel dig diagonal fwd (1) and RF close back to LF (&), repeat with LF(2&), right heel dig diagonale (3), hold
4clap hands
5678 2Hip Bumps right diagonal fwd, 2 Hip Bumps left back

Grapevine, Heel Dig, Walk, Flick
1234RF to side, LF cross behind RF, RF to side, LF heel dig to side
5678LF to side, RF cross over LF, LF to side, RF Flick behind LF and clap on it

Heel Dig, Hitch, Chassé
1 2RF heel dig to side(1), RF hitch before LF (2),
3 4RF heel dig to side(3), RF Flick behind LF and clap on it (4)
5&6RF to side, LF close to RF, RF to side with a 1/2 turn to right
7&8LF to side, RF close to LF, LF to side

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Last Update - 29 Sept. 2019


Jazzbox October 6, 2019
Thank you for the great video.

Jazzbox September 27, 2019
Love it a lot and would love it more with a demo video.

Joe Mifsud September 27, 2019
Great happy dance. Music video please.

Pony Chen October 1, 2019
Taught and enjoyed this dance ...
Thank you very much Sascha Wolf, Sabrina Kolodziej, Svea Clausen, Björn Röpke ...
My video is coming soon...

Pony Chen October 1, 2019
Come on....Have fun together everybody.....

Joe Mifsud October 1, 2019
Thank you for the music video, much appreciated.

Pony Chen October 5, 2019

Pony Chen October 8, 2019

Pony Chen November 4, 2019

bembi November 22, 2019
Hi..can i ask about many counts for intro? When we start the dance? Because on these video they have different time for start to dance..thank you

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