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Gemma Ridyard (UK) - August 2017
I Can Only Imagine - MercyMe
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Restart on wall 5 after 32 counts

S1: ½ sweep, behind side cross, R side rock cross, slide, ¼ R, ½ attitude turn
1Turning ½ turn L step back on RF sweeping LF from front to back
2&3step LF behind RF, step RF to R side, cross LF in front of RF
&4&rock RF to R side, replace weight to LF, cross RF over LF
5,6step LF big side step L, drag RF toward LF touch RF next to LF
7,8make a ¼ turn R step RF forward, continuing a ½ turn R on the ball of RF LF behind in arabesque line

S2: Walk L walk R, pivot 1/2, ½ back, 1/8 coaster, run run, spiral full turn L
1,2step LF forward, step RF forward
3&4step LF forward pivot ½ R, make a ½ turn L step LF back
5&make a 1/8 turn L step RF back, close LF next to RF
6&step RF forward, step LF forward
7,8step RF forward beginning a full spiral turn LF, step LF forward (1.30)

S3: Rock RF forward ¼, chasse ¼, step forward ronde ½, contraction hitch reach, step LF back, back rock replace
1&rock RF forward, replace weight ¼ turn R (4.30)
2&3step RF to R side, close LF next to RF, make a ¼ turn R step RF forward
4stepping LF forward making ½ turn L sweeping RF back to front
5,6close RF next to LF bending both knees (hide), rising up on to R toes hitching L knee(reaching both arms forward)
7 8&step LF back, rock RF back, replace weight to LF, making ½ turn L step LF back

S4: ½ turn L,1/8 turn L side cross side, back rock side, back rock 1/8 sweep
1 2&½ turn L stepping RF back, make an 1/8 turn L step LF to L side, cross RF over LF
3 4&step LF big side step L, rock RF behind LF, replace weight to LF
5 6&step RF big side step R, rock LF behind RF making 1/8 turn L, replace weight to RF
7,8stepping LF forward, ronde RF full turn L

S5: Cross rock Hitch, pencil turn, cross rock R, pivot ½ turn, full turn forward
1&2cross rock R over L, replace weight to L, step RF to R side as you hitch up L knee
3&4make a ¼ turn L stepping LF forward, continue you turn L closing RF next to L making a ¾ turn, step LF to L side ( angling body to 4:30)
5 6&cross rock RF over LF (4.30), step back on LF, make a ¼ turn R stepping RF to R side (7:30)
7 8&1pivot ½ turn R keeping weight back on LF (7:30) Step RF forward, turn ½ turn R step back on LF, turn ½ turn R step RF forward (1:30)

S6: Jazz ¼ turn L , 2 pique ½ turns L, ronde a ¼ turn R, R forward rock, R syncopated back rock
2&3LF over R, step RF back, make a ¼ turn L step LF forward beginning a pique 1/2 turn L bringing RF to a figure 4 (3.00)
4 5step RF next to LF as you make a ½ pique turn L drawing LF to a figure 4, step LF forward, ronde RF a ¼ turn L (6.00)
6,7rock RF forward, replace weight to LF
8&rock RF back, replace weight forward on to LF

Start again!


Gembles August 22, 2017
Will get teach video out later,

Gembles August 22, 2017
Will get teach video out later,

Gembles August 22, 2017
Will get teach video out later,

JoanNC August 22, 2017
Beautiful dance, really love learning it. Great choreography.

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