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Advanced NC2S - Smooth
Conny van Dongen (NL) - March 2018
Imagining - Sarah Connor
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Sequence: ABA ABA AA AA

Part A ( 32 counts )
A1: Side,Cross Behind,3/4 Turn L,Step,Full Turn L, Sweep,Cross,Back,1/4 Turn R Step,Cross,Unwind Full Turn
1RF step R
2LF behind
&3/4 Turn L (weight on RF)
3LF step forward
4RF 1/2 Turn L and step back
&LF 1/2 Turn L and step forward
5RF sweep from back to front
6RF cross
&LF step back
7RF 1/4 Turn R and step R
8LF cross
&Full Turn R

A2: Side,Cross Rock,Side,Diag. Step Forw.,1/2 Turn, Diag. Step Forw.,1 1/2 Pirouette,Step Back,Upperbody Lean Back
1RF step R
2LF step across RF
&RF replace weight
3LF step L
4RF step diag. L forward
&1/2 Turn L
5RF step diag. L forward
6&1 1/2 draai rechtsom (pirouette)
7LF step diag. back
8&upperbody lean backwards

A3: Step Diag. Forw.,Step Diag. Forw.,1/8 Turn L Side, 1/2 Turn L & Sweep,Cross Behind,Unwind,Slide, 1/4 Turn L & Drag
1RF straighten upperbody and step diag. L forward
2LF step diag. L forward
&RF 1/8 Turn L and step R
3LF 1/2 Turn L and sweep from front to back
4LF behind
&5Full Turn L
6-7RF straightened leg slide out to R
8&RF pull together with 1/4 Turn L (weight on LF)

A4: Side,Cross Behind,Step,1/4 Turn L. Step,Step,1/2 Turn L, Cross,Cross,Step,1/2 Turn,Together, 1 1/4 Turn L.
1RF step R
2LF behind
&RF small step forward
3LF 1/4 Turn L and step forward
4RF step forward
&1/2 Turn L
5RF cross
6LF cross
7RF step forward
&1/2 Turn L
8RF together
&1+1/4 Turn L

PART B ( 16 counts )
B1: Vine 1/4 Turn R,Step,1/4 Turn,Cross, Side,Touch,Side,1/4 Turn R, Touch
1RF step R
2LF behind
&RF 1/4 Turn R and step forward
3LF step forward
4RF 1/4 Turn R and step R
&LF cross
5RF step R
6LF touch toe besides RF
7LF step L
8RF 1/4 Turn R and touch toe besides LF

B2: Full Turn R, Cross Rock,1/4 Turn L. Step, Cross,Hold,1/2 Turn L,Full Turn R.
1RF 1/4 Turn R and step forward
2LF 1/2 Turn R and step back
&RF 1/4 Turn R and step R
3LF step across RF
4RF replace weight
&LF 1/4 Turn L and step forward
5RF cross
71/2 Turn L (legs crossed)
8Full Turn R (legs crossed)



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