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Imma Go

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Mandi Staley - March 2014
Imma Go by Taio Cruz
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(16 Count Intro)

Step forward L, Pivot Turn, ½ turn shuffle back, hitch knee, hip bumps R, L, R
1Step forward L
2½ turn right, weight ending on right
3¼ turn right, step L to left side
&¼ turn right crossing right over left
4Step L backwards
5Hitch right knee up
6Step R foot to R side with hip bump
7-8Hip bump L and R

Ball cross, Point, Cross, Point, 1/8 Turn, Walk X2, Body Roll Back
&1Step L to R, cross R over L
2Point L toe to L side
3Cross L over R
4Point R toe to R side
51/8 turn to L, stepping forward on R
6Step forward L
7-8Body roll back, weight ending on R

Step back touch X2, Toe Back, Full Turn, Step, Cross Shuffle
1-2Step back on L, Touch R
3-4Step back on R, touch L
(Styling Note: While stepping back, rotate hips counter clockwise then clockwise)
5-6Touch L toe back, Full turn over L shoulder to the front wall stepping out on R
7&8Cross L over R, R to side, L over R

Rock, Recover, Behind Side Cross, Slide, Touch, ¼ Turn R, ½ Chase Turn
1Rock R out to R side
2Recover on L
3&4R behind L, Left to side, R cross over L
5Slide L
6Touch R toe to L
7¼ turn R stepping R forward
8&Step forward on L, ½ Pivot turn over R shoulder

Begin dance again stepping forward on L


Last Update - 2nd April 2014


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