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In Between (P)

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High Beginner Partner
Paula Frohn (USA) & Tom Dailey (USA) - December 2019
In Between - Scotty McCreery
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Intro : 32 counts
Easy Restarts and tag noted below.
Choreographed for Dance Weekend at The Inn at East Hill Farm, Dec 6-8, 2019

S1: Shuffle Forward, Shuffle ½ Right, Rock, Replace, Pivot ½ Turn
1-2Step RF forward, step LF next to RF, step RF forward
3-4Turning ½ right, LF side, RF together, LF side
5-6Step RF back, replace weight forward on LF
7-8Step RF forward, pivot ½ left, replace weight onto LF

S2: Lady, To Left- Turn, Turn, Forward, Hold; Man- Walk, 3 Walks, Hold
1-4Walk forward RF, LF, RF, hold
5-8Walk forward LF, RF, LF, hold
1-4Turn ½ left, step RF back, turn ½ left step LF forward, step RF forward, hold
5-8Turn ½ right, step LF back, turn ½ right step RF forward, step LF forward, hold

S3: Step Pivot ½ Left, Step Forward, Hold, Repeat to Right
Pick up lady’s left hand to man’s left hand
1-2Step RF forward, pivot ½ left, change weight to LF
3-4Step RF forward, hold
5-6Step LF forward, pivot ½ right, change weight to RF
7-8Step LF forward, hold Pick up lady’s right hand
S4: Vine Diagonal Forward Right, Brush, Repeat to Left
1-2RF step forward on heel, RF drop toes onto floor (taking weight onto RF)
3-4make 1/4 turn left stepping LF forward on heel, LF drop toes onto floor (taking weight onto LF) (09.00)
5-6RF cross in front of LF, LF step back
7-8RF step right, LF step forward

TAG: In 2nd set, restart after 16 counts ADD, walk R, L, R, L
RESTART: In 5th set, restart after 16 counts … no additional walks!

Song ends after completing 16cts, lady turning to right … pick up lady’s right hand into cross arms and both step back to finish.
Thanks for the suggested ending … Erne!!!

Taught by Jus’ Gotta Country Dance, Paula Frohn


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