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In Love Again!

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Novice - Rise & Fall waltz
Melissa Kochi (NL) & Conny van Dongen (NL) - March 2018
I'd Fall In Love Tonight - Russ Taff
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S1: Turning Twinkle, Full Turn
1LF cross in front of RF
2RF step diag. forw.
3LF 1/4 turn L and step forw.
4RF step forw. (9.00)
5LF 1/2 turn R and step back
6RF 1/2 turn R and step forw.

S2: Check, Full Turn with Sweep
1-3LF check (keeping the weight on LF)
4-6LF Full turn right and sweep RF behind LF

S3: Cross behind, 1 1/4 Turn, Step Side, Lower
1RF cross behind LF
2LF 1/4 Turn L and step forw.
&RF 1/2 Turn L and step back
3LF 1/2 Turn L and step forw
4RF step side
5-6lower through R-knee

S4: Rise 1/4 Turn, Turning Twinkle
1-2RF rise again
31/4 Turn L and put weight on LF
4RF cross in front of RF
5LF step side
6RF 1/2 Turn R and step side

S5: Check L & R
1LF check
2RF recover
3LF step side
4RF check
5LF recover
6RF step side

S6: Step, Triple Forw, Check, Step Back
1LF step forw.
2RF step forw.
&LF lock behind RF
3RF step forw.
4LF check
5RF recover
6LF step back

S7: 1/4 Turn Slide, Slide, Full Sweep Turn,1/2 Turn
1RF 1/4 Turn R and large step side
2-3LF drag towards RF (keeping weight on RF)
4LF large step side
5-6RF drag towards LF (keeping weight on LF)
1RF 1/4 Turn and step forw.
2-33/4 Turn with sweep of LF
4LF cross in front of RF
5-61/2 Turn R (placing weight on RF)

Note: After the 2nd wall there is a 6 count TAG
1-3LF check - RF recover - LF step side
4-6RF check - LF recover - RF step side



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