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In My Heart Always

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Ron Bloye U.K. March 2018
Don't Close Your Eyes – Keith Whitley -- iTunes
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Start Dance on Count 16 - No Tags or Restarts

Sect 1: Rock Fwd Right. - Right. Shuffle Back - Rock Back Left. - Left. Shuffle Fwd
1 - 2Rock Forward Right Recover on Left.
3&4Shuffle back Right - Left - Right.
5 - 6Rock back Left Recover on Right.
7&8Shuffle forward Left - Right - Left.

Sect 2: Rock.Fwd.Right,- ¼Turn Right, Side Shuffle - Cross Side Behind Side Cross.
1 - 2Rock Forward Right - Recover on Left.
3&4¼ Turn Right - Side Shuffle - Right-Left-Right. (3 o’clock)
5 - 6Cross Left over Right - Step Right to side
7&8Left behind Right- step Right to side - cross Left over Right

Sect 3: Rock out Right - ¼ Sailor Step (6 o’clock) - Rock fwd Left. ½ Turn Shuffle L.R.L
1 - 2Rock out Right - Recover on Left.
3&4¼ turn Sailor Step - Right - Left - Right.(6 o’clock)
5 - 6Rock Forward Left - Recover Right.
7&8½ Turn Shuffle - Left. Right. Left. (Over Left Shoulder)(12 o’clock)

Sect 4: Step Pivot ½ Turn Left – Right. Shuffle Fwd - Rk Fwd Left- Left Coaster Step
1 - 2Step Forward Right - Pivot ½ turn - Step on Left.(6 o’clock)
3&4Shuffle Forward Right-Left-Right.
5 - 6Rock Forward Left - Recover on Right.
7&8Left Coaster Step – back Left- back Right - forward Left.

I was asked to write this dance by one of my beginners - Juley “Pony” Bennett - as the Music and words reminded her of her late husband Mark taken from her 18 month ago by cancer.

It could be a nice floor split to Kim Ray’s lovely dance “Don’t Close Your Eyes”

Email :-

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shirlblank March 27, 2018
Ron this is a good beginners dance for my class and a beautiful song.

cayote March 27, 2018
Really a very beautiful dance and with so much meaning. Love it. xo Jeanne Chamas

Tiny Dancer UK March 28, 2018
I absolutely loved this piece of music as soon as I heard it. It reminded me of Mark and that, what ever happens in the future, he will always be in my heart. He was my best friend, my soul mate and was taken by the evil cancer that touches so many lives. I asked Ron if he could produce a dance to the song and he came up with this one. I love it. Easy enough for beginners but with enough movement to suit the slowness of the track. Ive been dancing a very short nine months but it means so much to me and gives me a reason to keep going. Huge thanks to Ron and Marion Bloye for their kindness and patience.

Helen Bang March 29, 2018
QUery on stepsheet

Section 2 - facing 3 o'clock not 9 o'clock?

Ronb March 31, 2018
Thank you Helen - did notice and informed George - annoying as 5 people checked and didn’t notice lol

angieb April 1, 2018
A lovely beginner dance with such special meaning. A lovely tribute to Mark and I hope it brings consolation to Juley through these sad times. This is why I love linedancing because we are a very small community in the grand scale of things but we are there for each other. Well done Ron.

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