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In The Darkest Hour
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Carrie Ann Earl (Carrie Ann Green) (Almeria, Spain) October 2018
Remember – Lauren Daigle - Album : Look up Child - iTunes
Intro: 16 counts. Restart – Wall 3. Tag/Restart – Wall 4

S1. Syncopated Rock Steps Forward, Step Pivot ½ Turn Right, Run Forward
1, 2 &Rock forward on Left. Recover on to Right. Step Left next to Right.
3 ,4 &Rock forward on Right. Recover on to Left. Step Right next to Left
5-6Step forward on Left. Pivot ½ turn right (weight on right) (6:00)
7&8Big Run forward, stepping Left, Right. Left

S2. Rock, sweep, behind side cross, side rock, behind ¼ turn
1,2Rock right foot forward, recover weight onto left
3&4Sweep Right out,Cross right foot behind left, step left to left side, cross right over left
5,6Rock left foot to left side, recover weight onto right
7&8Cross left behind right, make a ¼ turn right and step forward on right, step forward on left (9:00)
***Wall 4 replace count 8 with a touch next to right and restart the dance from section 5***

S3. Sweep, Cross Back, Ball Cross, Side. Left Coaster, Prissy walk R & L
1,2Sweep Right out and Cross Right over Left, Step back on Left
&3-4Step on ball of Right to Right side, cross Left over Right, Step Right to Right side
5&6Step back on Left, step Right next to Left, step forward on Left
7,8Moving forward: step right across left, step left across right

S4. Step Pivot ½ Left, Step. Left Lock Step. Rock Forward. Recover, Chasse ¼ Right
1&2Step forward on Right, make ½ turn Left (weight on left) step forward on Right (3:00)
3&4Step Left Diagonally forward Left. Lock Right behind Left. Step Left Diagonally forward Left.
5,6Rock forward on Right, recover on Left
7&8¼ Turn right step right to right side, Step left together, Step right to right side (6:00)

S5. Rock Back ½. Rock Back ¼. Rock Back ½. Rock Back ¼
1&2Rock back on left foot, recover weight to right foot, spin ½ turn right on the ball of right foot (12:00)
3&4Rock back on right foot, recover weight to left foot, spin ¼ turn left on the ball of left foot (9:00)
5&6Rock back on left foot, recover weight to right foot, spin ½ turn right on the ball of right foot (3:00)
7&8Rock back on right foot, recover weight to left foot, spin ¼ turn left on the ball of left foot (12:00)

S6. Sway Left, Right, Left chasse, Cross Rock, Chasse ¼ Right
1,2Sway left to left side, sway right to right side
3&4Step left to left side, step right together, step left to left side
5,6Cross right over left, recover on right
7&8Right to Right, close Left to Right, ¼ turn right stepping forward Right (3:00)

S7. ¼ Right. Basic NC Step Left, Basic NC Step Right, Step drag Behind, Side, Cross Shuffle
1,2&Turn ¼ right making a Long step on Left to left side. Cross rock on Right behind Left. Recover onto Left. (6:00)
3,4&Long Step on Right to right side. Cross rock on Left behind Right. Recover onto Right.
5,6 &Long step on Left to left side, drag right step behind Left, (&) step Left to left side
7&8Cross step right foot over left. Step to left on left foot. Cross step right foot over left

S8. Left Diagonal Rock Forward, Recover. Shuffle ½ Left, Right Diagonal Rock Forward, Recover, Shuffle ½ Right
1,2Rock Forward on Left diagonal /corner (4.30) recover on Right
3&4Half turn Left stepping Left. Right. Left
5,6Rock Forward on Right to diagonal/corner (10.30) recover on Left
7&8Half turn Right stepping Right. Left. Right

S9. Sweep Cross. Step back, & Step,Cross Toe Point. Ball Walk,Walk, Step pivot ½ Left, Step
1,2Sweep Left round and over Right making an 1/8 turn left to straighten up, step back on Right (3:00)
&3,4Step Left to let side, Cross Right over left, Point Left toe to left side
**Wall 3 restart the dance from beginning**
&5,6Bring Left in to right on ball of foot, walk forward Right, Left
7&8Step forward on Right, make a half turn left (weight on left) step forward Right (9:00)

Restart on
Wall 3 - Section 9, Count 4 point out to left side and Restart the dance from beginning (9:00)
Wall 4 – change of step and Restart - Section 2, Count 8 replace step with a touch of left next to right,
then Restart the dance from Section 5 (Rock backs) continue to end of dance. (6:00)

Contact: - carrieannearl@gmail.com

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