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In The Shallow

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Sandy Kerrigan (AUS) - October 2018
Shallow - Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper : (Album: A Star Is Born Soundtrack - iTunes)
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Dance Info: Dance starts wt on L – Start 24 counts in on lyrics - Track Length 3:35

Step Side, Back, Diagonal Fwd, Hold, Full Spiral R, Step Fwd, Together 11:30
1 2 3 4Step R to R, Step L Back Behind R, Turning 1/8th L-Step Fwd on R, Hold 11:30
5 6 7 8Step Fwd L, Full Spiral Turn R wt on L, Step Fwd R, Step L next to R 11:30

Step Fwd, Hitch L, 1/8th R Cross, ¼ L Step Back, ¼ L Fwd, ½ L Back, ¼ L Side, Drag
1 2 3 4Step Fwd R, Hitch L, Turn 1/8th R-Cross L over R 12:00, ¼ L-Step Back on R
5 6 7 8¼ L-Step Fwd L, ½ L-Step Back on R**, ¼ L-Wide Step L to L Side, Drag R tog 9:00
Wall 2 at count 6**Add on 2 count Tag-Step Fwd L to 6:00, Drag R to Meet L and Restart 6:00

Back Rock Step, ¼ L Step Side, Hold, Side Hip L, Hip R, Swivel Turn ¼ R, Step Fwd L, Hold 9:00
1 2 3 4Rock Back on R, Replace Fwd to L, Turn ¼ L to 6:00-Step R to R Side, Hold
5 6Side Hip Sway L, Side Hip Sway R-wt on R
7 8Turn ¼ R-Step Fwd L (swivel off R), Hold

¼ Side Rock Turn, Cross, Hold, ¼ Back, ½ Fwd, Step Fwd, Drag Up3:00
1 2 3 4Turning ¼ L to 6:00- Rock R to R side, Replace to L, Cross R over L, Hold
5 6Turning R- ¼ Step Back on L, ½ R-Step Fwd on R***
7 8Long Step Fwd L, Drag R to meet L-wt on L
Wall 5 dance to count 6 *** Turn ¼ R-Sep L to L, Drag R to L-Restart 12:00

Step Fwd, ½ Pivot Turn, Fwd, Hold, ½ Back, 3/8th R Step Fwd, Fwd, ½ Pivot Turn Right 1:30
1 2 3 4Step Fwd R, ½ Pivot Turn L-wt on L, Step Fwd R, Hold 9:00
5 6Turning R- ½ R Step Back on L, 3/8th R-Step Fwd R to Back R45°
7 8Step Fwd L, ½ Pivot Turn R-wt on R -1:30

Step Fwd, Drag Up, Step Fwd, Drag Up, Fwd, ½ Pivot Turn, ½ R Step Back, Hold 1:30
1 2 3 4Step Fwd L, Drag R up to meet L, Step Fwd R, Drag L up to meet R
5 6Step Fwd L, ½ Pivot Turn R-wt on R
7 8½ R Swivel Turn-Stepping Back on L (count 7) Hold

Step Back, ½ L Fwd, Fwd, Hold, Fwd, 5/8th Pivot Turn R 3:00, Step Fwd, Turn ½ R on L-Hitching R 9:00
1 2Step Back on R-small R hitch as you step back, Turning Back ½ L-Step Fwd L,
3 4Step Fwd R, Hold 7:30
5 6 7 8Step Fwd L, Pivot 5/8th R to 3:00, Step Fwd on L count 7, Turn ½ R on L-Hitching R

Back Step Back, Step Fwd, Hold, ½ R Back, ¼ Side, Cross, Hold 6:00
1 2 3 4Rock Back on R, Replace to L, Step Fwd R, Hold 3:00
5 6 7 8½ R-Step Back L, Turn ¼ R-Step R to R Side, Cross L over R, Hold 6:00
64There are 2 restarts, details as above-Wall 2** and Wall 5***

Ending Facing 6:00-after L Cross over R, unwind ½ R slow to 12:00

Note: Sharon Forward, this dance is for you, for you are one of the most graceful, pure, True hearted of this world, your compassion for others speaks volume..
Last Update - 9th Oct. 2018


Meggie March 27, 2019
Beautiful dance!

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