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Inner Sand 2022

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High Beginner
Karen Lee (TW) - January 2022
Das Herz im Sand - Calimeros
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Intro: 32 Counts, Start on Vocals, *No Restart, No Tag.

S1:Point & Point & HEEL & HEEL &, Forward Rock, Recover, Shuffle 1/2 R.
1&2&Touch RF toe to R Side (1), step RF next LF (&),Touch LF toe to L Side (3), step LF next RF (&)
3&4&,Diagonal RF heel forward (3), step RF next to LF (&), Diagonal LF heel forward (4), step LF next to RF (&)
5-6, 7&8,Rock RF Forward (5), Recover To LF (6), Turn ¼ R step RF to R side (7), step LF next to RF (&), Turn ¼ R step forward on RF (8) (6:00)

S2:Syncopated Jazz Box, Cross Rock, Recover, Side Shuffle.
1-2&, 3-4Step LF Forward (1), Step RF Back (2), Step LF to L side (&), Step RF over LF (3), Step LF to L Side (4).
5-6, 7&8Cross RF over LF Rock (5), Recover to LF (6), step RF to R side (7), step LF next to RF (&), step RF to R side (8)

S3: Rocking Chair, Rock, Forward Rock, Recover, Shuffle 1/2 L.
1-2-3-4Step LF Forward Rock, Recover to RF, Step LF Back, Step RF in place
5-6, 7&8Rock LF Forward (5), Recover To RF (6), Turn ¼ L step LF to L side (7), step RF next to LF (&), Turn ¼ L step forward on LF (8) (12:00)

S4:Kick Ball Step (Twice), Jazz Box 1/4 R.
1&2,Kick RF Forward (1), Step RF Down (&), Step LF Forward (2),
3&4= 1 & 2
5-6-7-8Step RF Forward, Back LF, Turn 1/4 R Step RF To R, Step LF Forward. (3:00)

Start Again!

Enjoy and happy dancing.....



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